The six coup teach you a successful pregnancy

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The six coup teach you a successful pregnancy

2016-07-22 05:25:51 383 ℃

The idiom said: "there are three unfilial." Can be seen in ancient China on the birth of a child more value. But now most of the young people are relatively late, resulting in many women had the best child-bearing age, a lot of people more anxious stomach is not seen movement? Six coup tips teach you help pregnant.

First, the preparation before pregnancy, pre pregnancy check

In preparing for pregnancy before the couple can go to the hospital to do a systemic examination, in order to understand the husband and wife of the situation, the exclusion of genetic and hidden diseases, excluding reproductive barriers and other issues. At the same time, ask the doctor before pregnancy to do what preparations, such as the amount of folic acid, etc.. Through the examination can effectively improve the chance of pregnancy, and achieve the purpose of birth.

Two, record the physiological cycle, the calculation of ovulation period

Department of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors think, record their physiological cycle, the ovulation period in the same room, can greatly improve the chances of pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the baby's women, it is clear that their ovulation is very necessary, but also to accurately predict pregnancy time is also a great help.

Pregnancy posture chart can teach you a very quick pregnancy

Three, choose a comfortable position

There are a lot of said to increase the pregnancy rate on the choice of men and women under the body position, but in fact this is too absolute. Only husband and wife are both pleasure, the process is to enjoy the choice of what body position can be. But after sex, try to lie down, this is conducive to sperm swim to the uterus.

Four, the frequency is not too high.

Some couples think, want to be pregnant, will be a lot to increase her number. In fact, this will not only reduce the quality of sperm, is not conducive to eugenics, every few days with a more conducive to pregnancy.

Five, do not over exertion, the release of psychological pressure

Don't be upset because you have been pregnant for months, and you have not seen any movement. Anything can not act with undue haste, don't give yourself too much pressure, more effective treatment of my daily work, pay more attention to rest, not overworked, maintain a good attitude, reduce psychological burden.

Six, develop a healthy lifestyle of daily life

How pregnancy seems simple, but the problem is really a lot of attention. Especially in the diet, to prepare for the baby's male should avoid eating garlic, celery, etc. there are killing the role of food. Husband and wife should develop good living habits, do not stay up late, do not drink and smoke, do 3 to 4 times a week exercise, indoor and outdoor can be, do these can effectively achieve the purpose of pregnancy.