Does congenital genital malformation really kill me as a mother?

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Does congenital genital malformation really kill me as a mother?

2017-07-05 10:53:59 393 ℃

Pregnant mother: bacteria, I prepared pregnancy period check out the mediastinum uterus, this is not that I can't pregnant?

October bacteria: pregnant mother first do not worry, this situation belongs to genital abnormalities, but in the end can not have children, the answer is not affirmative, nor is it negative.

The female genital organs of normal structure consist of reproductive glands and reproductive ducts:

But when an internal genital abnormality occurs, the original "peaceful" organ becomes complex.

There are usually three types of female genital malformations:

1. normal tube formation caused by blocked abnormal vaginal diaphragm, mediastinum, vaginal atresia of vagina and cervical atresia;

2. Mullerian agenesis caused by abnormal derivative: absence of uterus and vagina, uterus primordial etc.;

3. Mullerian derivative fusion disorder caused by abnormal: double uterus, double uterus, saddle uterus and mediastinal uterus.

Women must first understand their own what kind of deformity, what symptom is there, and then with the guidance and treatment of a doctor, then consider the successful pregnancy, under normal circumstances, the majority of female internal genital malformation through examination, after treatment can still normal pregnancy and childbirth.

Genital abnormalitiesTheDiagnosis

Generally, there are many methods for the examination of genital abnormalities, such as B-mode ultrasonography, MRI, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. If you can have an early gynecological examination during pregnancy, remove or cure the deformity, it will not make a great difference to the pregnancy and delivery.

Genital abnormalitiesTheTreatment

The first kind of malformation can be solved by surgery, resection of the mediastinum or opening of the latch.

Second kinds of deformity, no vaginal through surgical treatment between the urinary bladder and rectum separated to form an artificial cavity, different methods are used to find a suitable cavity wound covering, vaginal reconstruction; primordial uterus by uterine cavity forming and endometrium transplantation to reconstruct the uterine cavity for uterus; it may be more complex and more difficult, can through the uterine transplantation or artificial implant in the womb to improve.

The double uterus in the third kind of malformation usually does not require surgery and can try to conceive. But for the saddle uterus and bicornuate women during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, dystocia, so pre pregnancy requires doctors to assess the need for uterine surgery, the best able to handle properly after pregnancy, are the most responsible approach for herself and the baby.

The mediastinum is the most common malformation of the uterus. For the fetus, the uterus is a room, mediastinum uterus is equivalent to more than a room wall, the room One divides into two., space small half, so will affect fetal growth and development, so we need to remove the "wall" operation, in order to have the growth space of fetus.

However, some of the incomplete mediastinum of the uterus does not affect fetal development, and under the doctor's examination and prediction, you can still try to get pregnant or continue the pregnancy.

October: if a pregnant woman with a history of habitual miscarriage has a longitudinal uterus and has indications for surgery, hysteroscopy or laparoscopic surgery is usually recommended when necessary.

In general, different female internal genitalia malformation may exhibit different reproductive function abnormalities, such as infertility, recurrent abortion, premature delivery, abnormal, but not to say that as long as the deformity must be pregnant, in most cases still can be improved in the operation. Therefore, bacteria suggest that you prepare for pregnancy, or already pregnant mother must be good gynecological examination, in the doctor's assessment, guidance and monitoring, pregnancy smoothly until delivery.