Children who sleep together, will affect the whole life? Really so serious?

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Children who sleep together, will affect the whole life? Really so serious?

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[original] doctor clove each release on the baby sleep, will receive the message: the mothers and the old baby can sleep together? The child in the end who slept with the best?

And a few women chatted, a situation mentioned they are without exception: home baby is sleeping with the old man, also referred to a network of the children who sleep and heat ", actually has affected his life".

The contents and conclusions are as follows: children and the elderly sleep, mental development; child and mother slept better character.

There are really so serious? Children who sleep really affect his life? We find Qin Nan teacher to interpret interpretation.

A child, who sleep, and character little relationship

Mr. Qin Nan first give a reassurance to everyone.

Any one of the child's personality development is a complex and lengthy process, personality development, it would be difficult because the one thing that determines the development direction of the final.

If the children who sleep together and will affect the life of the child, who eat together every day and play up a little every day and how the teachers and students together, will not affect the child's life?

The children who sleep together, and who is more intimate, it will have a certain impact on parent-child relationship.

But it can not be said, and who who influence children's life personality.

Two, children and the elderly sleep will affect mental development?

For this, we must name the old people is hard with the baby, this is obviously not possible.

- the elderly need oxygen, oxygen will take away the child?

And don't say sleeping at home to open the window ventilation, the amount of oxygen required for an old man, is also two higher than adults?

The old man cried out -- bacteria many children sucked in sick?

If it is a respiratory disease risk, risk of adult respiratory disease was as big as ah, say, a child during the day and the elderly eat together to play, if there is an impact will also receive the impact is not?

This conclusion is more like to convince himself, a forced conclusion does not want to accompany the elderly baby to sleep.

Well, since this view from a scientific point of view is not established. Why many mothers would feel "very reasonable"?

That is because, as the baby grew up, the mothers are aware of a cruel problemThe elderly and children sleep together, and the elderly more than their pro.

In fact, mother don't want to let the old "steal" child.

Three, child and mother slept, character will be more excellent?

This point and above, and there is no evidence that children who sleep, personality will be more outstanding.

My child is always together with me to sleep, feeling better than other old people sleep together with a big child more obedient.

That is because, accompanied by his mother and mother's children will sleep more intimate, naturally more really listened to my mother.

Although the child and mother and good character has nothing to do, but the mother company, especially to accompany sleep, it is important for children.

For children, from pregnant in October in the belly, and her mother had an intimate contact of others can not be replaced. For children, the object of attachment (important caregivers) more stable and better, and all the attachment theory, the first child care objects are not even the father, the only mother.

  • The mother as the first feeding object, can give their children a sense of security and stability continue, no one can with mother like comparable at this point;

  • In the early, the mother can give children the most convenient care and care, and in the attachment establishment period, the life care, psychological emotional satisfaction is an important period to strengthen and consolidate the parent-child attachment relationship;

  • My mother can provide a sense of security long life for the children. Because in the first eighteen months, children mainly through primary caregivers, the image of the object to trust in the world. Get enough care and emotional satisfaction, in order to produce a sense of trust to the people around, otherwise it will produce fear and doubt to the world;

  • Mother can accompany and children can also appease mother's mental state, so that the mother can quickly adapt to the environment out of anxiety.

So, if the mother all day busy work no time to accompany the children back home, in addition to play with the children that can accompany the child to sleep, the time to accompany sleep talk, look at the picture book, intimate culture value, is also a good way to let the children know that, although the mother go to work during the day, but love the most or your own.

Four baby, as long as the old man to accompany sleep, what should I do?

Parents in infancy children to give companionship is an ideal state, but for many practical reasons, parents also had to put the children temporarily entrusted to the old man. In the face of growing up, and for the elderly grandparents parenting has absolute attachment to the child, and how to rebuild the parent-child relationship?

4 year old Andy just kindergarten class, because mom and dad busy at work, Andy has always been his grandmother to sleep together, thinking of the children, parents will give Andy bought a small bed, want to put the baby back to bed to sleep together.

But since the beginning of the bed, obedient Andy just like a changed man, I do not sleep at night crying to find grandma, but a few times climbed to grandma room, sleep well at night, in the kindergarten all crying.

No way, finally had to let Grandma sleeping Zhuwo, through this bed to accompany andy.

Look at Andy holding her hand and fell asleep, his mother sad and helpless......

We can see from the story, his parents have to work, the main caregivers in recent years are grandma. The absolute dependence of children has been formed and grandma in life, emotional.

When the parents suddenly proposed to bed and sleep separately and grandma when children first felt the anxiety, fear, fear of danger, and other negative emotions.

This time the parents will inevitably doubt "is not because it was so old and sleep together to spoil." however, children show "not obedient", is precisely the "SOS Children produced in the process of adaptation.

Parents can understand the feelings, but should do is with the children together to overcome the difficulties and find a way to a gradual empathy, go over. Not to blame the child not obedient, not the blame for the child to grow hard to pay the elderly.

Children grow up only once, if you missed on the way to find out, and want to return to the important position in the hearts of the children, the need for a slow process.

However, don't be too anxious, the old man more than to accompany dad, especially my mother, all you need is time and patience.

Accompany the child to sleep just a little in the process of growing up, let the children feel the key to happiness, and not the company, but the quality of the company.

Time with the children, hard to accompany, playing with toys, reading picture books, slapstick laughter, even without doing anything, just let children know that my mom and dad in my side, they are watching me, with me, they love me very much.

Our original doctor, please do not reprint; Author: Qin Nan; Editor: Li bad.