0 - 6 years old children's education and care | let our children away from sexual assault.

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0 - 6 years old children's education and care | let our children away from sexual assault.

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The child's sex education has always been a problem for a headache for parents, this generation of parents generally grew up in Chinese traditional culture of sexual repression, mostly never accepted the system of science education. The bad social phenomenon in today's society frequent sexual abuse children that parents have to pay attention to sex education for children.

Indeed, children's sex education is a sensitive and unavoidable topic, it concerns the health and development of children, do not let down. "We must be from a child 0 years old, give care and take care of him in terms of." This is the "children's education principle first person" Chinese child sex education advocated in the book of Hu Ping.

The first point

If the child is breast attachment

Lactation child attachment breast is normal. Write the attachment refers to after weaning, the child still requires touch, sucking the breast, even the breast must be feeling to fall asleep.

Early weaning children generally do not appear this phenomenon, because there is no breast and the attachment relationship had been weaned. Natural weaning children almost no attachment breast, because they had enough love and satisfaction. If at the time of weaning love milk, weaning or incorrectly, causing psychological damage to the child, it may appear this kind of phenomenon.

To help the child out of the breast attachment: first, to give the child's attachment to a transitional stage; mother to gradually reduce the number of children breast; give the child to provide alternatives to help the child develop independent consciousness; accept or training attachment to children; help children develop more pleasure, child reading, from work, the game won the spirit of joy, the breast will no longer be the only source of children get the spirit of joy.

Second point

If the child is obsessed with something

Ditto if weaning to children caused psychological damage, may cause the child is no longer attached to mother's breast, and attachment to an item. This item may be a pillow, a towel, a doll, a toy car and so on. The kids would give attachment to carry out must be brought. Go to bed when the attachment on the side, often touching, sucking attachment, parents were not allowed to take, replacement, cleaning or attachment.

In general, children too obsessed with something, is the lack of sense of safety performance. If a child from the parents to obtain a sense of security, only to think he can give him some attachment safe and warm items.

The long-term requirements of touch or sucking the attachment of children, mothers should examine their parenting styles, the focus will solve the problem on the transformation of parenting style, rather than dwell in the child's behavior in.


How to deal with children's anal stage

The anal period generally appears at the age of 4. Usually after the age of 1 children, through the toilet guide, can rule the size of. But in the 2 years old, many children suddenly appeared degeneration. In fact, not children must be with adults to work, but because of the child's development into the anal stage.

The anal period showed the following: hold the toilet stool, urine trousers, pants in the toilet toilet; study; rhythm changes; experience of feeling.

The children of the anal period is generally two months experience will end, the end of the anal stage, marking the child's psychological toward the next stage; genital stage. This two months, if adults on children toilet training is too harsh, the child will feel nervous, mental pressure, will disturb the child control size of the natural rhythm, children will piss in his pants size number is more, the anal period will be a long time delay. Some children even more than half a year is not the end of the anal period, child development appeared stagnant.

Help children survive the anal stage: principles, acceptance and respect for children anal stage performance. Principle two, do not interrupt the ongoing bieniao or child hold stool. Principle three, do not send their children stool rhythm changes were treated as constipation. Principle four, calm face of child pants. Principle five, can not be humiliated, ridiculed, scolding and threatening children. Principle six, help children to adapt to the new environment and decompression. Principle seven, parents should actively communicate with the teacher. Principle eight of excreta don't disturb the child.


The child has sexual arousal do?

According to the study, less than one year old baby can appear sexual arousal. The specific performance of leg behavior of girls, boys appear genital erectile situation (not water). Some children will have to ride a quilt, pillow and arch genital friction behavior, or phenomenon associated with facial red, sweating, etc..

Parents respond to children's sexual arousal should grasp the principle: the principle, not shame, ridicule and abuse of children, can not let the children feel their reaction is shame and guilt, otherwise, the child will feel shame for their sexy embedded unhealthy and guilt. Principle two, help children to accept your body's arousal. Parents can tell their children, sometimes we will have some body reaction like this, do not have to feel uneasy, this reaction is your own secret, can't tell anyone. Principle three, calm and wisdom to transfer the child's attention, continue to block the child's behavior. Principle four, through work, reading, games help children sublimation pleasure quality.


The children and the buddy playing game?

Children because of perceived gender difference, very curious, but I hide, so sometimes there will be mutual observation of genital game.

The basic principle of children of parents: the principle of a game, let the children understand the boundaries of sexual activity. Principle two, can not be humiliated and scold the child. Principle three, can not play to the child's moral judgment. The four principles, and actively communicate with the kindergarten teacher.


How do children cling to their parents?

Children naturally attached to their parents this is very normal, don't be afraid of children in the future is not independent but forcibly push the child away from his arms. Attachment is normal intimacy, do not panic. Father Oedipus is not normal attachment, is the child of his parents as & ldquo; &, rdquo; lover; even as the object of sexual arousal.

To help children from father Oedipus: the principle, the timely transfer of children to parents' sexual activities. Principle two, let the children independent bath. Principle three, father to play an active role in parenting. Principle four, between family members of the position. Principle five, compassionate feelings of child. Principle six, refused to marry the child;.

Here the interpretation of six points, the child refused;. The children to the marriage sensitive period, the child may say to parents: when I grow up and marry you! It is proposed that parents should gently but firmly rejected children, can say: this can not ah, I have been your father (mother) married. You will meet the one you love the little girl grew up (boy), then you can marry him. Don't go for the children said this cute promise, or when a joke to others, even to make a small wedding ceremony.


How to deal with child marriage sensitive period

The children will enter the marriage sensitive period at the age of four or five, can be said to be married or something like a future children and kindergarten.

When the child marriage sensitive period, deal with the principle of parents: principles, listen to children's love story, share the happiness and sadness of children. Principle two, can not be the child's feelings as a joke about. Principle three, adults can not arbitrarily arranged. Principle four, can not deny that the child's feelings. Principle five, can not be confused child of love and sexual behavior. Principle six, give the child to enter the correct value of marriage.


How do children masturbation

It wasn't about adolescent masturbation, but six children under the age of masturbation. Many parents may feel fantastic, but the study did show that six children under the age of majority will appear more or less masturbation, but some parents are not aware of.

Influence factors of child masturbation are the following: children of original internal driving force; lack of companionship and attention of parents; do not enjoy higher mental pleasure; parents relationship; parents and teachers on the attitude and evaluation of negative sex masturbation; parents do not avoid the child.

The principle of intervention: a child masturbation principle, parents should understand child masturbation scientific knowledge, change of masturbation wrong. Principle two, to help children understand and comply with the limits of activities. Principle three, can not blame and scold, reproach and scold the child. Principle four, not intimidation and threats of children. Principle five, can not suddenly interrupt the ongoing child masturbation. Principle six of the safety education for children. Principle seven, try to avoid medical treatment for masturbation. Principle eight, parents actively communicate with the teacher. Principle nine, help children addicted to masturbation.


How to answer the questions raised by the child:

The principle of an answer. Principle two, have asked to answer. Principle three, answer to meet the child's cognitive age. Principle four, parents answer to solve the current problems as the principle of children. Principle five, parents can take the initiative to provide sexual activity details answers to children. Principle six, parents to answer questions about what the attitude is more important than children. Principle seven, can not answer children's questions using adult language. Principle eight, to reduce and avoid conflict with traditional culture. Principle nine, wait for the growth of children.

Education and care of children early is a very important content in family education, hope that more and more parents are aware of this, don't let the children suffer from psychological and external injury.

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