Bao Baofu gearing, holding the IUD was born, it is with the "enemy" on the bar?

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Bao Baofu gearing, holding the IUD was born, it is with the "enemy" on the bar?

2017-08-12 23:05:36 615 ℃

To see such a picture of a baby at birth, was clutching a contraceptive ring. A quick look very strange, really big woods, what birds are, or this kind of thing, if the picture is true, it can prove that the ring, also does not play the role of contraception?

In order to investigate small consulting a doctor thirty years in obstetrics and Gynecology experts, the new doctor tan.

According to the doctor, the T IUD is completely effective contraceptive measures. Like this in the birth, I found the ring thing in the hands of the baby, she said very surprised.

In general, the IUD and uterine cavity size consistent, but if the ring material holding force is not enough, may be placed in the position down to lead to the end of the uterus. If this happens, you can lose its contraceptive effect.

Or for some other reasons, resulting in other parts of the IUD ectopic to the pelvic cavity, the contraceptive function will disappear.

These very special circumstances how to avoid it?

The 1. ring, not at least two weeks to do strenuous activities.

2. to prohibit sex life at least two weeks.

3. after once a year there is no shedding.

The 4. annual ultrasound time, check whether the ectopic situation.

There are 5. conditions, timely early placement for copper ring hoop.

In fact, the uterus, IUD is a guest, so any details do not pay attention, there will be unexpected situations.

Of course, how like this baby with IUD is born, adults relieved, at least prove that this child fortunately good fortune, isn't it?