7 my father hurt the child, the last one simply can not endure, your husband is on the list?

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7 my father hurt the child, the last one simply can not endure, your husband is on the list?

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Some people say that in the eyes of the girl, the father is on when she was young, want to marry the future standard; in the eyes of a boy, my father was when he was small example, grew up to become a man. So, father image, father of the doings, Dad, is very important for the growth of children.

However, in real life, there are always some father to ignore its the meaning of existence, not play the role of "Dad", which have a bad influence to children's growth.

Xiaobian summary 7 dad to help you,According to the order from small to large.Finally, a simply can not endure, see your dad on the list?


Smoking father

When dads enjoy happiness in the smoke, there is no thought of burning cigarettes will produce 3000 kinds of compounds, most of which are harmful to the body?

There is no thought that happiness is built on the pain of the family, at the expense of the child's health for the price? There is no thought in a smoke filled family environment, imperceptibly, the children become the "second-hand smoke"?

The chemical substances released from the burning cigarette, will strengthen the sensitivity of children respiratory mucosa, increase the occurrence of asthma.

If Dad smoking in children when eating, it is easy to affect the child's appetite, anorexia induced by children.

In addition, also cause harm to the child's learning ability, reading, reasoning and mathematics. Because nicotine produced in vivo after splitting the cotinine, will make children reading, math and reasoning is more and more low average scores.

I suggest: for health and future children, fathers must reduce the number of smoking and quit smoking, to create a smoke-free home environment for children. Even if can not quit smoking, must not smoke in front of children.


Dominating father

Some fathers too macho, too strong desire to control. Whatever it is, what they say, do not respect the child's thoughts.

Dad is too controlling, children deprived of self-expression and self published perceptions of opportunity, let the child have a "I can't" "not me" "I'm not good" mentality, cause the child to self doubt, cowardly character.

Too strong desire to control the father too dignified, invisible to children of a pressure, the adverse effects to the intimate relationship between father and child.

As the child grows, the father will increasingly become a model and benchmark boy. The father of tyranny, to form the impression on the boy's head: a man and his father is a dictator. To copy itself into a replica of the father.

I suggest: Dad to learn to let go, give children the opportunity to self-expression; accept children, allow children to follow their own rhythm, do what you love, in this process, let the children show their ability and potential ability.


Mobile phone in hand Dad

Dad is busy at work, the class is more busy, like "Ge You as steady as Mount Tai lying on the sofa, mobile phone in hand. Wife asked him to do the housework, child pestering him to play a game, is always the eyelids not to lift, for a long time refused to touch the place. The toilet with a mobile phone, a stay for half an hour in the toilet. In short, the mobile phone is closer than children!

Dad, because mobile phone while ignoring the child, this is undoubtedly a cold violence, children will feel the father is in a perfunctory, naturally unwilling to communicate. Parent-child communication is blocked, the child character will become withdrawal.

Many children are parents to imitate. If Dad carried a mobile phone in front of the children playing, children will naturally follow suit. Poor self-control children, access to mobile phone will naturally addictive, this was especially bad for children's vision, interpersonal communication and learning.

The most important thing is that dad is addicted to mobile phone and ignore the child, can make children feel neglected, even the child will feel the father did not love me, my mobile phone not important. Under such circumstances, the child will become very irritable, even trying to talk with parents to work, to win the attention of parents. If the parents are unknown, scold the child. The child will feel wronged, parent-child relationship will also have the gap.

This advice: don't let the child down mobile phone, "the furthest distance in the world is on your side, but you are playing mobile phone" sense of despair.


A father

The child is a parent's shadow. The children will learn through imitation. If my bad temper, motionless beat and scold the child, is also likely to be so, even deeper.

His father had not a thing to lose your temper, then the child later met a similar situation, will also take the same way to vent.

Of course, there is another case, that is the character of father and children there are two extremes. Father violent irritability, children will form a humble, weak in fear of the character, more lively, more and more quiet, not conducive to establish self-confidence. If things go on like this, the psychological development is not perfect, such as severe cases can cause psychological trauma even the shadow.

I suggest: grumpy dad must converge their emotions, learn how to solve problems in communication, patience, rather than acting violent temper, convey a positive energy to their children, it is a priceless treasure for the growth of children.


No good dad

10 years ago, my father in the eyes of a child, that day, from the heart of worship and trust, every word of the father to children as the imperial general.

However, many father always takes time, busy with work as a reason to betray the child excuse, or directly use the trick to stall the child, that child is small, just a perfunctory excuse.

The children want to have dinner together with my father, my father always said "tomorrow", every "tomorrow" after the advent of a pair of chopsticks on the table is always less; the children want to go to the amusement park to play the family, Dad promised to "next weekend", every time when the child can be packed in the best of spirits when starting out, dad always disappeared.

More importantly, the father repeatedly failed, can let the child develop the bad habits of others is not trustworthy, directly affect the quality of children and future.

I recommend: please every father treated to give children commitment seriously, if you do not, then please don't promise.

Because of your promise, not only lost their trust in you, and create a sense of panic on the child's psychological, even the most trusted father spoke count, but also the world believe?


Absent father

Chinese households have a misunderstanding, "men, women inside". Dad always when the "shuaishouzhanggui" in family education, the children throw.

My father is not the absence of family education, especially in children before the age of 12. If the father's participation is not high in the growing of children, boys can easily become a little less masculine, "mother", and the girl will bear part of the male role in the invisible, like a man.

The child is very simple, they think I love daddy, will love me like a mother, spend time with my dad, do not often accompany me, that is not love me.

I suggest: dad must participate in their children's education, at least a week to communicate with the children two times, understand their life happiness and troubles. Sometimes it may be appropriate to reduce the number of unnecessary entertainment, sports or travel with my family every week once, the opportunity to increase exchanges with the children and their families.

Unable to accompany the child, by phone WeChat often communicate with their children, listen to children, the expression of appreciation and love to the children, let the children feel the moment put him in my heart.


Make her angry father

Dad to give children the best love is to love their mother.

In the eyes of a child, the father is often a symbol of strength and strong. As the protector of children, parents should give children a safe home, and the children's sense of security, we see from the parents love each other, especially my mom and dad. Moreover, father love action to make a demonstration for the child, the child can parents learn what is love, how to love.

If the father and mother often quarrel, will cause the child's fear, emotional instability. If things go on like this, prone to problems of behavior and psychological imbalance.

If a child often see mother sad to cry, he will try to use their limited understanding to comfort mother. When the mother sentiment has improved, the child will let mother happy as their responsibility in the family assumed the role of the father. But the children do not have the maturity of such knowledge and mental capacity, there will be a variety of psychological problems.

* good advice: keep close communication and understanding father need a mother, wife, child rearing with the family hard, on the expression of gratitude and praise his wife. The children in the eyes, naturally feel blossom, live very happy.

Dad love mom, not only can let children feel the love, also can let the mother's heart is full of happiness, the family will foster a healthy and happy children.

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