Distressed! Burn one year old baby girl, not out of danger! Just because my mother do less of this action

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Distressed! Burn one year old baby girl, not out of danger! Just because my mother do less of this action

2017-08-12 23:08:03 133 ℃

In Hubei, Macheng,

A just one year old baby girl cocoa,

But because of the negligence of parents,

Alone climb into the bathtub filled with boiling water......

Results 44% of the area of the body burns!

A turn, 1 year old daughter climbed into the boiling water bath sheng!

Qiu Cheng is Macheng people, 29 years old, selling fruit in the local Luo Jing, his wife opened a small clothing store, husband and wife two people a month income can add up to three thousand or four thousand yuan a day, okay.

Last July, he ushered in his second children - coco. He and his wife discussed for a long time, it took the nickname for her daughter, hope the daughter of lively and lovely.

Recently, cocoa is just learning to walk, now can barely hold things up, most of the time, the little guy is crawling around to explore this new world.

5 this month, 8 pm, Qiu Cheng received a fruit stand, his wife Luo Jing also off the clothing store, two people back home, ready to give his wife cocoa bath immediately.

Luo Jing said, she was as usual coco in the two floor of the living room, and then go to the bathroom bath ready, she put in water heaters in a small tub, not against the cold, went to the bedroom with children's clothes. Suddenly, she heard the child cried, she quickly ran into the toilet, then found that cocoa climbed to the bathtub unexpectedly.

After the incident, the mother regret is dead.

"At that time, the solar water heater display more than 90 degrees." Luo Jing said, because the first floor of the stairs leading to the living room, take the clothes, she also accelerate the action, even a small guy to climb the stairs fall, who knows, even the children while adults did not pay attention to their climb to the bathtub to.

Qiu Cheng also heard the child cry, he went upstairs and found that her daughter had been his wife up and irritation. Qiu Cheng said, it happened too suddenly, his wife was at a loss, then they quickly send their children to a local hospital.

Two people do not know how to hurt the child in the end, until the doctor said the child in danger, need to go to Wuhan for treatment. At this time, Luo Jing suddenly collapsed, crying. "At first we thought the child wasn't badly hurt."

Third children sent to Wuhan city hospital, the doctor that,Cocoa body 44% of the area of shallow two degree and three degree burns.7, can accept the skin graft surgery.

The doctor said, burn cocoa leg, right arm, chest and other parts, for one year old children, three degree burns has been very serious, at present, the child has not yet out of danger. The latter still need to continue treatment, but also to do skin grafting, the latter is expected costs 200 thousand yuan.

How to prevent children burn?

Do not put hot water bottles under the bed

The hot water bottle, in the hot water cup, drinking water machine, try to put the child is not easy to reach, especially not convenient under the bed.

Don't let the children play in the kitchen

The kitchen is in children prone to burn, ignition appliances such as lighters and matches should be put in the child is not easy to reach; gas should not turn off the main switch to prevent the ignition and burn children imitate adults; adult cooking, should try to avoid the children playing in the kitchen, but do not let the children alone in the in the kitchen, so as to avoid accidents.

Don't let the children close to the hot end

Prepare the meals of the pots and pans and, be sure to avoid the child touch, lest the child mistakenly sit into the hot pot, or food soup spilled and scald. Adults at home in the hot soup or hot water, will tell the children not to close, so as to avoid oncoming knocked.

The bath to put cold water and hot water exchange

For your child, parents must pay attention to put cold water into the tub in order. We should put the cold water first, and then against the hot water, the water temperature is right and then give the child a bath.

Don't put the child skin heater

Give kids a variety of heating, to prevent leakage and Water Leakage scald, often Water Leakage leakage check. Try not to fire a child's skin, in addition, the adults can not spot care, try not to those who can do it yourself for a child to prevent the fire, open the plug or pull wires, resulting in water leakage or electric shock burns.

Too distressed! As parents, we must pay attention to a mistake, you may affect a child for a lifetime. The same mengchuo thumb!