Why should the acquisition of neonatal heel blood ", the answer to the mental development of children

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Why should the acquisition of neonatal heel blood ", the answer to the mental development of children

2017-08-13 00:58:39 113 ℃

The first thing is to be the birth of a child, the doctor out, heel blood collection. Then you will hear the baby crying sound. There may be some treasure mom will be very distressed, so small children, why collect blood? So today I'll give you Baoma science about why the "heel blood collection".

Why should collect heel blood?

In general, children born within 72 hours, and the number of breast-feeding has more than 8 times, then the doctor will hold the baby to collect heel blood. If the body is of poor quality baby, or is premature, so blood collection time, but no later than 20 days postpartum.

Heel blood collection is mainly to check whether the child has phenylketonuria, galactosemia and other diseases. These two diseases have been included in the national free inspection of the project, so treasure mom can consult a doctor in advance. If the two kind of disease without timely treatment, the baby's intelligence may be low. But there are also a part of the baby's urine and sweat has a special smell and so on performance.

The child is also collecting heel blood screening of hypothyroidism. This disease is treated as soon as possible, otherwise the child really become dementia is not good. The doctor will first take drug treatment, the thyroid hormone supplement to children body defects. Let the baby thyroid normal, this disease is treated as soon as possible.

The child is treated in a month, the development of intelligence is normal.

Treatment of children within two months, there may be a small part of the baby will have sequela, the sequela mainly refers to the spirit.

Treatment of children within three months, most of the children can reach about 90. But if the child is treated within six months, the possibility that only 30% of the IQ of 90.

In addition to these, there are also some diseases are required to pay the. If you need to treasure the mother can be under the guidance of a doctor, to the baby do check. In general, in a month can come out, if the result is positive, so the need for further examination. If it is negative, it can treasure the mother took the baby home.

Other parts of the body's blood can replace the heel blood?

Of course, only the baby's heel blood is most abundant and convenient collection, and the child is still small, certainly better than adults pateng. The heel pain nerve is not like other places so sensitive, the baby will not feel much pain. So the doctor is generally in the heel collection.

Treasure the mother in children found to have abnormal time, must take their child to check, and then with medical treatment. Now many countries have the disease subsidy scheme, if you do not know the treasure mom, can consult a doctor. Finally, hope all the children can grow up healthily!

Finally, treasure the mother postpartum must be timely bound, but bound band Le, really, I think it is better to wear clothes, a child is with the tape useless, a belly fat suit, this child wear no baby as when. Really happy, sons and daughters