Which link is most painful when a baby is born? HD motion picture sharing!

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Which link is most painful when a baby is born? HD motion picture sharing!

2017-08-30 18:36:08 1253 ℃

Do you know which link is most painful during a spontaneous delivery?

The following are explain all aspects of birth, HD action figure, from birth to symptoms of palace mouth open, to the fetus, I may look great effect on smooth delivery!

First, the symptoms of labor - so that the pain is born

Near the time of pregnancy, when the mother appeared abdominal pain, hand pain when the lower abdomen hardens, we know that the uterus is shrinking, and this is the so-called "labor pains."".

First of all, the contractions are absolutely impressive!

At first, it would step like a dysmenorrhea, and gradually approach the pregnant mother,As time went on, gradually strengthened. And the interval is shorter and shorter, the pain time is longer and longer.

The pain of the gradual spread of the lower abdomen is unbearable, as if pregnant mother had a bomb in her stomach that was about to explode!

The initial pain is slightly painful and gradually increases. If it is regular, 1 times every 10 minutes, the production will begin.

Two, the first stage of labor - the opening of the uterus

The first phase of childbirth is the most time consuming phase of production and takes about 12 hours, when the mother is in the labour room and has not yet entered the delivery room. If the beginning of this period is very tense, will make the maternal very tired, so try to relax.

In the ten hours of labor time, the mouth of the uterus gradually open to 3 - 5 refers to the size (about 10 cm), and finally all open, but the egg membrane around the fetus has not broken. The fetus's chin is close to the chest, preparing a position that is easy to slide into the birth canal.

Many mothers think that from the beginning of contractions to the opening of the mouth of the whole period of time is the most painful, most difficult! Especially before opening the 3 finger.

(incidentally, with 3 fingers, you can ask the doctor for analgesia.)

Subsequently, the prospective mother lumbago aggravate, abdominal abdominal harden, seems to be broken, breathing difficult, nausea, sweating and other symptoms. Then, the egg membrane of the fetus is ruptured and the amniotic fluid is released, which is called "broken water"".

Amniotic fluid can lubricate the birth canal and help to give birth:

Massage your waist or abdominal breathing at this time to relieve pain. Can also take a relaxed posture, waiting for the second stage of labor reserve strength.

Three, the second stage of labor, waiting for the birth of baby

The second stage is the strongest period of labor pains, mom is lying on the delivery table, when in the throes of strengthening, a longer time interval becomes short, become "childbirth pains".

During labor, the strength of the contractions increases and the head of the fetus falls into the pelvis under contractions of the uterus.

At this point, because the fetus oppressed the rectum, bringing the feeling of stool like force; and then with this sense of force, so that breathing smoothly.

With the progress of labor, fetal maternal childbirth from. If the procedure is too long and close to 2 hours, it will be necessary to inject oxytocin, strengthen contractions, or select other methods of delivery.

The baby will slowly enter the birth canal, close to the vaginal outlet, from the vaginal opening can be seen part of the baby's head.

Continue to force, slowly see the head (called the law), is the moment before the birth of the baby, can be directed by the physician, shortness of breath to do.

Baby from the beginning, slowly revealing the body and limbs, and finally the whole birth, still connected with the umbilical cord.

When it spits out the inhaled amniotic fluid, it takes in the air for the first time, the lungs bulge, and when the lungs begin to breathe, the first cry comes to the human world.

The four and third stages of labor - expulsion of placenta, complete production

Even if the baby is born, still can not be finished production. About 10-15 minutes, there will be a slight pain again, the placenta peeling off the wall of the uterus, excreted.

Since then, the doctor will open wound suture, the vagina mouth or perineum laceration, hemorrhage or confirm the contraction of the uterus, until the end of delivery, after one or two hours, to observe the contraction of the uterus or the state of the body.

PS: if the placenta is not flaking off, the doctor may reach for the placenta and manually remove the placenta. The process is also very acid, but fortunately the odds are not high.

Five, postpartum - according to the fundus

By the end of the palace refers to the pregnant mother after the baby, with her hand to press her stomach. This is done in order to help his mother and the blood out of lochia, promote uterine contraction, uterine self help recovery, which is very important for the experienced cesarean section treasure mom.

But this kind of press the bottom of the uterus, the pain is no less than childbirth pain.(for caesarean birth mothers, the most painful is this step.)

Do you find it hard?

However, to see the baby's soft little body, angel like face, in a flash, all the pain gone!

What was your baby like? Welcome to write it down and share it with other pregnant mothers and precious mothers!