B is boy, want to pick with symptoms.

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B is boy, want to pick with symptoms.

2016-07-21 02:11:25 361 ℃

I was first born, always wanted a daughter, the B show is son, a little desperate, can't help him dress up... Didn't see B ultrasound before I'd think it was a boy, because from 18, nine weeks beginning fetal particularly frequent, so active that unlike is the daughter, a check is Nanbao, talk about the following conditions:

1, Nanbao in the upper part of the body not early, I am on the day of the official holiday haven't measured out and delayed a week to test out the (self holidays are not allowed to love delay)

2, the table are not allowed

3, the acid is not allowed to spicy female, has never been particularly want to eat sour, like spicy, think of hot on the flow of saliva

4, the heart is higher than three, 150 months of time 156

5, stretch marks, and constantly to the chest, the belly button slightly left

6, the reaction is very light, did not spit, do not want to eat meat, do not love the smell of greasy taste, taste did not change

7, under the armpit to black, black nipple

8, dreamed of snakes, tigers, goldfish (dream of the goldfish is just my family just bought a goldfish, so it should be is Riyousuosi have a dream night)

9, the movement time of more than 16 weeks early, just feel the quickening of the

10, I can not see the belly, I think it is round

11, the early gestational sac is eggplant type

12, the skin becomes oil long pox (I feel lazy to have a relationship with me, do not go out even the face is too lazy to wash)

13, NT and Tang screen value I do not, the former is done late did not come out, the latter is that I did not do Tang screen directly to do the non-invasive DNA

The above symptoms only for reference, each person's disease is not the same as.Then my husband said summed up a son of the law, is a man if masculine taste is enough, that is, high high Zhuangzhuang, hairy, man is the kind of firstborn students son of probability is very big, the boys are weak gentle kind of head viviparous basically is the daughter. I thought for a moment around the relatives and friends, feel very accurate, you treasure mom can see refer to nearby of friend is not justified.

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