How many turns have you seen on your head? Unexpectedly, the most spin is his

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How many turns have you seen on your head? Unexpectedly, the most spin is his

2017-09-11 23:48:39 233 ℃

Under normal circumstances, each of us has a "spin", and some two, more "spin" is relatively rare. The old saying: a swirling cross, two spin Ning, three spin children fighting to life, also explain the different personality of different digital physiognomy and destiny. I don't believe in anthroposcopy comments, because the person's character and style, factors that can influence and change too much, can not be generalized.

More discipline is explained as:

But the more practical problem is that hairstyles vary greatly from person to person:

A twist is the most common, like a clockwise fold of steamed stuffed bun, hair style at no difficulty.

Two spin, I and my second child is two spin, in the top of the head is very symmetrical position. Such a symmetrical twist allows the hair to form a vortex of wishful thinking.

My dick in a just born, hair is very long, because the symmetric vortex nature, let the hair a natural point, many people thought that I gave him a mousse, actually is born.

When I was little, I was a cute little chestnut, and when he was older, it was a natural leather hair style. It was so cool!

The two ones are also long apart:
Three turns are rare, like bowling holes...

The 4 spin, have you seen it? Some are symmetrical, and there is a straight line. The world is wonderful!

However, this wonderful thing happened to my family, and my grandmother had 4 children...

When she was young, always tucked her hair, because hair, comb, never screwed this thing that.

By the time she was old, my aunt's hair to her grandmother, found that there were 4 swirl, shear was particularly strenuous, she is going to turn around.

Have you seen any more? How many friends do you have?

Anyway, I have seen him, ha ha ~!

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