Parents clean nose often committed a wrong action, so that the child's nasal cavity is difficult to cure

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Parents clean nose often committed a wrong action, so that the child's nasal cavity is difficult to cure

2017-09-11 23:52:18 143 ℃

You are in a cold runny, have this habit?

S cold cough, nose plug according to sun paper

Liu Yan's nose is stuffed with toilet paper. It looks like he has a bad cold

Shen Mengchen, who had a bad cold, stuffed his nose with paper towels

You know what? Such a small move is risky and may be imitated by young children, with serious consequences. Let's look at a news report first:

The 4 year old has had a runny nose for the past year,It was a mass of toilet paper in my nose

4 year old girl Wen Wen, sneezing and runny nose for a year, as rhinitis treatment is no better. Later, otolaryngology expert check and ferret out the culprit "rhinitis",It was in the depths of the nasal cavity that there was a mass of yellow and decayed toilet paper.

Jing Wenwen mother recalls: husband usually hasThe habit of cleaning the nasal passages with a toilet rollThe text may be curious imitation, accidentally drop a toilet paper into the depths of the nasal cavity, and I do not know how to express. Currently, the text is undergoing anti-inflammatory treatment. (source: Morning News)

First, the wrong nose cleaning method, do not learn!

Error 1: dig with your hand

Cleaning the nasal cavity with your hand is very easy to injure the baby's nasal mucosa and make the nasal mucosa scratched or even shed nosebleed. Picking your nose with your fingers can also carry bacteria from your fingers and nails into your nose, which can cause respiratory infections.

It should be done with a nasal aspirator

Place the baby in a flat place, flatten the nasal aspirator, place it in the nostrils, and slowly release the nasal aspirator. The nose will be sucked out at this time. Then remove the nasal aspirator and spray the snot and solution in the nasal spray on the toilet paper. Repeat the action until the snot is absorbed.

Error 2: use adult swab stick

The baby's nostril is relatively small, the use of adult swabs bar, not only not easy to clean up, but also support the baby's nasal cavity, causing discomfort. In addition, the adult swab stick cotton quality, may cause the baby's delicate nasal mucosa damage, and may also nosebleeds, or even lead to inflammation.

It should be done: baby special swab stick

Should buy baby dedicated swab stick. The cotton swab with the cotton swab is relatively small, suitable for the baby's small nostril, and the cotton is soft, and the sanitary standard is relatively high, which is more suitable for the baby.

Error 3: clean when the baby is awake

When you clean your nose, you feel itchy and even painful. If your baby is awake, it will move because it is uncomfortable. It is not only harmful to the cleaning, but also easy to get an eye or stab the skin.

It should be done: when the baby is asleep, clean it up

The baby asleep, when you feel not awake so sharp, don't move, convenient to clean, while reducing the occurrence hurt accidents etc..

Two, correct nasal blowing method here!

Method 1:

Press one side of your nose with your fingers, blow out your nose on the other side, and then blow the other nostril in the same way.

Method 2:

Lift your chin up, press one side of your nose with your fingers, pump your nose through the back nostril to the nasopharynx, and then cough out the other side of the nose with the same method.

It should be noted that no matter which method you use to give your baby a blow, you can't exert yourself too much.

Warm tip: foreign body into the nose how to deal with?

The curious baby stuff into the nostrils are not uncommon, such as small paper, small green beans, red bayberry kernel, watermelon seed, small blocks, or even button batteries.

The structure of the nasal cavity is complex. There are many small grooves in it. Once the foreign body enters the nasal cavity, it can be easily jammed inside. Therefore, the head found that the baby has a foreign body into the nose,Don't try to take it out at homeThis will push the foreign body deeper into the nasal cavity, but should bring the baby right awayGo to the hospital and ask a professional doctor to deal with it. In addition, the usual care of the child is also particularly important!!!

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