A letter in which a child is conceived or given to an unborn child

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A letter in which a child is conceived or given to an unborn child

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Recently, in the WeChat public number, "Britain, those things" saw an article: "Mom flew back to bury her son."... The flight attendant gave her a paper towel, and when she opened it, she burst into tears. The article read my tears and decided to write the letter for you.

This article is about a lady lost her alone with a large bear bitter hardships only son, she went to the funeral of her son by plane, the expression of pain caused a flight attendant brother attention, he comforted the mother, but he is still not assured, when the plane he at the door waiting for the mom.

He stopped the mother, handed her a tissue, and then said to her, "I'm really sorry to hear that.".

Out of the channel, the mother looked at the moment in tears, paper towels, paper towels, the young stewardess brother wrote:

"In 2004, I lost my brother, and until now the pain has not been cut.". I can't pretend I can fully understand how you feel. But after my brother died, I saw my mother's sorrow, which never ends."

"My mother used to try very hard to ease the heartbreak of losing her baby, but now she realizes this pain is difficult to relieve. Don't spend too much time on it. Try to do something that will make you happy. Visit your family and travel with friends who have not been in contact with you for long."

"I'm sure I can't forget you soon after you leave. I'll keep thinking about you. What are you going to do?". After this, you will become stronger, and I will always cheer for you."

These words are very intimate, very moving, and this reminds me of you.

Yes, you left is my chest forever pain, I still can not put down, still will miss you, read you, can not put you.

When thinking of you, I don't know what to do, I will be sad music, looking at photos that ultrasound small you, think of you in the womb as something like a naughty small shrimp, think before you talk, want to look cute when you were born.

Think you, read you, see you, I feel great sorrow waves hit, I can hear my heart breaks the voice, I started to feel pain, is biting pain, broken heart, no pain, it is a touch of sadness, there is no end the pain is deep thoughts, is well ingrained thoughts.

I curled myself up like you were in my womb, and I held the pillow tightly and gently like holding you and letting tears flow, just like I missed you.

Miss you more for a long time, I began to believe more and more in another world, I believe you've entered another parallel world, long thoughts will let me forget the world, will let me feel the two world where we start fusion, I will see you, see your angel look, see your flower smile; I will hear you, hear your laughter, I heard you and your story about these years.

I often do not want to wake up, unwilling to return to the reality of the world, I want to stay with you a little longer, ah, my baby.

Others don't understand me, others hurt for me, but baby, you know, I understand, this is our way of contact, this is our secret.

Section ye once said, "have not met Hom, should learn.":Fathom, down, peace, freedom.

I know these things, but I can't put the baby ah, I still miss you, you are my thoughts, and you are my only link to another world.

Perhaps, suddenly one day I would like to understand, then I will no longer be sad, but I still miss, I know I have you, you do not leave, you are the mother of the world, you will always be the mother of the baby.

I had you, but you do not have me, I still owe you a hug, I still owe you a good mother personally to prepare you for the meal, I still owe you a floral skirt, I still owe you a braid, I still owe you a beautiful Sunday, I I still owe you a happy summer vacation.......

Baby, I owe you too much, too much regret,

Baby, we haven't met yet,

Shall we make a mother and daughter for the rest of our lives?

I will listen to you, put down the pain, no longer sad, but I will continue to miss.

Miss is the spring, spring, is This regret shall last for evermore.

Miss is suffering, is Guaqian, is the autumn autumn Sharen attachment

Missing is a kind of disease

You can't cure it when you catch it

Missing is a kind of pain

To have lingering

Missing is a kind of forgetting

Forget myself, but I will not forget you

Missing is a kind of sadness

Light as the wind, but deep as the sea

Never forget, baby, how can I miss you?

I dedicate this article to the mothers who have lost their unborn children. May you soon let go and continue to miss them.

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