Yulin women's deaths: a game of lies and 50 Fen of revelry

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Yulin women's deaths: a game of lies and 50 Fen of revelry

2017-09-11 23:53:20 115 ℃

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Unexpectedly, a week of endless debate about who had refused cesarean section before the fall of Yulin's pregnant women was basically ended in such a simple way.

Over the weekend, two video interview with deputy director of the Suide Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Huo Junwei Zhang Fan the first hospital of Yulin midwives reported in this section two does not add up to 15 minutes of video, Huo Junwei and Zhang Fan to answer the basic falsification more direct after the hospital repeatedly stated and claim that: "hospital cesarean section repeatedly put forward advice to the families were refused".

Huo Junwei said, when he and another old midwife is checked, delivery is a dynamic process, if we observe the production process smoothly, the obstetrician must first birth; even before birth, then a cesarean section rigid index, also can turn for cesarean section. The reason for this is like taking a taxi home anxiously, the driver asked how to go, is certainly the answer can be approached the road cut, too heavy on the bypass so simple; while the previous network is flooded with a large number of seemingly professional voice has been emphasized in cesarean section to the anesthetic, the cervix is open at this time. Then the section is very dangerous, cesarean section require advance booking, where is said to be able to "and so on, these people will be in the same sound understanding leads to a conclusion: although family members signed before birth choices, but in the face of sudden emotional fluctuations maternal had asked the hospital to cesarean section this argument is not credible, the.

Huo Junwei also said, for the case of the maternal situation at that time, after its colleagues and inspection and observation, feel the whole process is smooth, so still tend to let her natural childbirth, rather than absolute cesarean section. This statement not only denied the claim in the hospital after the incident, but also highlights the preliminary findings released in Yulin on the evening of September 7th the credible, the survey concluded that the doctor recommended cesarean section termination of pregnancy, but the family chose natural childbirth and signature".

The hospital has repeatedly stressed its repeatedly recommended cesarean section and the families to choose birth basis in addition to the "maternal hospital of informed consent on the family signature, and announced the course record three records of the family refused surgery (cesarean section) records, two of which record - Zhang Fan announced the midwife more than 10 minutes of video interview repeatedly stressed a point: she just were told the family to let the families of comfort, and the situation of the record, I have no right to give her family to do what, because that is the doctor in charge.

Then observe the records of the course of the whole three records will be found, and there is no relevant hospital repeatedly proposed the implementation of cesarean section records, but "maternal requirements cesarean section, family members refused surgery."". If you connect the record content and vice director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Huo Junwei is right to give suggestions of physicians expressed, constitute the basic facts on this issue: women for cesarean section, the doctor checked that the delivery problem still tend to smooth production, the family doctor said the problem not after birth choices.

The control of the hospital a few days ago to see these words zaozao, the original is Chuaizhuo understand confused. Yulin maternal death fall after the incident, the Yulin First Hospital in September 3rd District of Suide issued a statement on micro-blog, said Malaysia has admitted on August 30th to be produced, the production period because of pain, restlessness, many times to the family requested cesarean section, cesarean section hospital also put forward advice to the families were refused, and ultimately maternal emotional control the early morning of September 6th, jumped to his death; 1 points to 03 points, the Yulin issued a statement stressed that the decision is the birth mothers and their families after admission in a make and sign. The statement said that due to maternity authorization to the family, when the maternity request to implement cesarean section, the hospital can only comply with the decisions made by the family.

The two statement that the argument escalated, a very short period of time in the network grew in the millions of words of comment, analysis, debate, abuse, or act dumb, with clever, some others are saying, but ill, found a lot of people spent so long after the truth seems to have become slobber. More and more blurred.

Behind this phenomenon, there are a large number of natural 50 Fen, the navy in the hard toil. As the Internet goes deeper into society, 50 Fen, the species continues to grow and spread like bacteria, and, like those that can not be recycled and decomposed, are only increasing. Although the Shanghai gang leader Du Yuesheng understand: "don't give people when trumpeter, when the trumpeter of the people in the eyes of others like a chamber pot, who had been brought by a urgency, used to throw to the farthest corner of the partial".

But the contemporary 50 Fen have the spirit of courage to advocate public chamberpot principle, Chinese know, everyone was a urine may be a few life could not meet the reality of a busy day to sell chrysanthemum to undertake waste liquid activities, often there are incidents this lie games will be staged, after 50 Fen the carnival also means the end of the game of public opinion before the negotiations ended.

As in the case of maternal deaths in Yulin, hospital doctors, midwives respond in real terms, and end the lie, the hospital and the families of the deceased mother immediately reached a preliminary mediation agreement". The noisy Suide county began to calm down, leaving a pile of reporters in inertia busy, soon you will also realize that there will not be what events, drink a bowl of Suide mutton soup, each scattered. "Proofs" -- Investigation