Want the baby is not calcium deficiency, such a complementary food to eat more, but also spleen stomach

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Want the baby is not calcium deficiency, such a complementary food to eat more, but also spleen stomach

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Whitebait is also called "noodle fish", but it is "noodle fish"Calcium rich,High protein, low fatFreshwater fishes. Full of mother's love to eat steamed whitebait egg soup, this time for a change, make a porridge for the baby, add the vegetables and egg yolk color, not only beautiful, but alsoVitamin supplements, minerals, more suitable for small children to eat. This meal of nutrition on the whole, and the taste is particularly delicious!

Recipe highlights

Drink this bowl of porridge, if the baby is not allergic to, remember to add some cooked egg yolk, mixed in the porridge, it will taste fragrant, but also to add more protein Oh!

If the baby has not been added, you can let the baby try to eat two, observe, if there is no allergic phenomenon, and then add to the baby. In addition it also whitebait, you can use salmon, COD so good meat, thorn is little fish instead, taste good oh!

Love the mother of small words

I'm using whitebait this time. If you use fresh whitebait, please pay attention to the selection method.

(1) squeeze the whitebait with the finger, the good quality whitebait is very easy to break, but the whitebait that has been soaked by the formaldehyde will become very hard, not easy to crush.

(3) smell the smell, fresh whitebait, no smell, pungent smell. Whitebait with pungent odor may contain organic chemical reagents such as formaldehyde.

Small whitebait with vegetables and egg yolk porridge

Ingredients:Rice 25g, carrot 10g, cabbage 1 pieces, whitebait 5g, boiled egg 1

Cooking method:cook

Do you care for staple foods?It can serve as a baby's meal

Reference month age:9 months or more

Degree of difficulty:No difficulty

Prompt:Suitable for the text of the ingredients are not allergic to the baby.

* graphic recipes *

1. prepare ingredients: rice, 25g, carrots, 10g, cabbage 1, whitebait 5g, cooked eggs 1.

2. cabbage in boiling water boiled.

PS: boiling water boiled vegetables, can remove nitrite and pesticide residues on vegetables.

3. put the boiled cabbage into the cold water in the town.

PS: so the boiled vegetables Town, can keep green color, more green!

4. chop up the cabbage.

5. rinse rice with clean water.

6. drain the rice and add some water.

7. first boiled porridge.

8. soak the whitebait with water for a while and soak the whitebait.

PS: the fish should be soft!

9. soaked whitebait chopped.

10. rub the carrots into fine threads.

PS: if it is to cut pieces to eat small baby ha.

11. peel the boiled egg and remove the yolk.

PS: don't waste the rest of the eggs. I'll eat them myself!

12. crush the egg yolk with a spoon.

13., the ingredients are ready, and my porridge has been cured, and become thick and thick.

PS: be sure to boil the porridge first, cook it thick, and then add the other ingredients, so that the porridge can boil the sticky feeling.

14. will join the broken whitebait porridge, first boiling for a while.

15. place the carrots and cabbage in the porridge.

16. all the ingredients cooked, cooked after you can pan!

17. out of the pot, don't forget to add the egg yolks, mix in porridge, baby drinking Xiangxiang, nutrition bang bang da!

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