Confinement is the best time for a woman to change her physique: the most complete science in the history of confinement

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Confinement is the best time for a woman to change her physique: the most complete science in the history of confinement

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Confinement is the best time in a woman's life to improve her physique. If you do not take good confinement, it will lay a hidden danger for future health. Chinese people pay attention to confinement, do not think that it is a superstition, oh, a lot of attention is justified.

[suck in time]

The mother's best lactation time is within half an hour of birth, the nipple with gauze wipe, let the baby suck.

[urination in time]

[diet light]


After the first three days can not eat greasy things, must be light, because the breast is not open, eat something nourishing milk will not block out in the breast, when the baby to eat less, sucking force is small, you will suffer, and no milk rose will ache, three the day after the first drink mushroom soup and then gradually began to drink milk soup.

Note: drink pork chops, trotters soup, as far as possible to skim the oil layer on the soup, mother eat too much oil will affect the baby's bowel movement.

Soup: carp soup, peanut soup, pork ribs soup, pig's trotters soup, bean soup, chicken soup (with yam, red dates) tomato kidney soup

Vegetable dish: stir fried cabbage, green cabbage, tomato scrambled egg

Other: peanut milk, egg, sugar Soybean Milk, rushed to eat small cock, chicken to the public, do not eat the old hen! The old hen returns the milk!!

Approach: put onion ginger garlic, not dry spices (pepper aniseed what), do not put MSG, 0--3 years old baby don't eat MSG, women also do not eat MSG, will affect the absorption of zinc.

How many days will the confinement last? ]

Tradition holds that it is one month, or 30 days. In fact, the exact time for confinement should be 42 days.

Since the retraction of the maternal uterus takes 6 weeks to recover from the size of the non pregnant uterus, the recovery of the post abdominal wall tension requires 6 to 8 weeks.

Therefore, confinement is not the 30 day that the average person says, but 42 days.

[maternal hygiene]

Traditionally: puerperium can not bathe, can not wash your hair, so afraid to leave the root cause of the wind cold. In fact, this knowledge is unreasonable.


1, "confinement" in the perineum part of the secretion of women more, every day using warm water to clean the vulva. Always change the perineum pads and keep the perineum clean and dry. In about 4 of postpartum lochia weeks to 6 weeks.

Bao mother asked if lochia confinement can not take a bath so much how to clean, can use wet wipes, Tian Ma is not recommended to use wet wipes, complex composition.

You can buy online this can be put on the toilet bidet, hospital disinfection will point to open Potassium Permanganate, after bath is also very comfortable.


2, can bathe, wash your hair, but who must bear sponge bath can not wash bath, lest the dirty water bath used poured into the genital tract and cause infection.

You can take a shower in 6 weeks.

3, the room is often ventilated, indoor temperature can not be too high, nor can it be high and low. In the past, there were often closed doors and windows, and whenever women had to be covered, it was very dangerous, especially in the summer, which could easily lead to heat exhaustion in women. But pay attention to the following points:

During the confinement period, you should avoid the wind blowing directly into the fan. When opening the air conditioner, do not turn the air inlet towards the puerpera, and set the room temperature at about 25~28 degrees Celsius, which is the most suitable.

During confinement due to excessive perspiration clothes and wet, must immediately change dry clothes; winter bed for the robe, midnight feeding to immediately put on, not only by the cold.

4, women "confinement" period, eating more frequent, eat more things, such as not pay attention to mouthwash, brush teeth, prone to bacteria in the mouth of reproduction, oral diseases.

In the past, many women blindly believe in "old rules" confinement in not brushing, the results "sit" a "confinement" destroyed. Maternal teeth should be brushed daily one or two times, can use soft toothbrush to gently brush moving. Every time you eat something, rinse your mouth with warm water.

As long as the physical strength allows, second days after the start of the teeth should start brushing, preferably not more than 3 days. We need to pay attention to the following points: