A good marriage is a man who can bear it

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A good marriage is a man who can bear it

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I used to live in the old district, there was an old guy next door.

The old lady was fat and her head was high with curly hair. She looked a little fierce.

Fortunately, the old man does not go to WeChat.<1Two3>


One day, has been off work for a long time.

My wife hasn't come back yet.

When I asked for the phone, it turned out to be a lift.

Later, the wife can only climb home.

She went home and told me one thing.

Just happened to meet those old men waiting for the elevator.

Wait a long time, for fear of granddaughter hungry.

The old man climbed the stairs first and sent the things back.

Because the elevator will be repaired for a while.

Unexpectedly, I passed the rates.

The old man came down from the 12 floor with a glass of water.

The old lady looked at the fire and said, "Why are you coming down again?". Not too tired, but also carrying a cup. You have a bad heart. Don't run blind!"

Full of care.

The old man was afraid of the old lady, and so worried, lit, and down to accompany her.

And brought her a glass of water.

Such small details are really touching.

I was cooking in the kitchen and heard the story.

The old man thought, originally is not bad.

He was stealing music, and he was happy!

Just his happiness, many of us do not understand.

And such love, most people are very difficult to understand.<12Three>


From the old couple can find an answer to a good marriage: tolerance.

The old lady's hot temper, if not met her old man who can tolerate her.

Not every day All is lost., early divorce?

And we have too many people who can stand outside and can't bear to go home for a moment.

As long as you stare, I must stare back.

Fire and water incompatibility requires a win or lose.

But no win between husband and wife, only win or lose.

In love, your edges and corners often make each other love to extricate oneself, appreciate each other.

But the marriage of daily necessities sauce vinegar, often can not help angular piercing.

If two people are not willing to step backwards, Diamond cuts diamond.

Use shrewdness to calculate shrewdness, to talk about gains and losses, to win or lose.

Such a day to think about all tired, will not suffer?

Those who want to speak a reasonable mode of thinking will only make in the flames of war.

Marriage is not a place of reason, it is a place of love.

The home is the most important place.

In fact, my wife told me the story of the old lady waiting for the elevator.

I feel like I'm not as old as I am.

Because my family is I buy food, cook, wife wash dishes.

Sometimes I just have time and pile my bowl there.

That day, stewed dishes have pot.

I have nothing to do in the kitchen.

Noon leftover bowls stacked in the sink, and at night there will be a lot of dishes together.

My wife did a lot of work that day.

I think I'll just wash it.

So, crashed into the water, easy to get.

And at night, it's a lot of time. We can go downstairs and take a walk.

I'm not really tired, and my wife is also a little relaxed because of my sharing.

When we have an easy smile on our faces, our son must be laughing with us.

Emotions can be contagious, so give your family a little more fun.

It's too important for a child to grow up.

Living at home, in fact, is plain, hidden in these 7788 trivia.

These seemingly small things form a family life.

With a seemingly the most common but most suitable person to support and go down.

Taiwan writer Chen Ruoxi's "marriage" in a paragraph:

"You finally selected to go together, and really in the peer in the process of nurturing, the person may not reach old age together, is the best in the world, but you must be regarded as the most appropriate. Marriage is not the best, only the most appropriate, go down on the right."

Because I care, so I'm afraid.

And every woman in her marriage is more anxious than her husband to care for when she is in love.

I was the first, with the moment of your choice.

"Some people become vulgar, duplicitous, and beauty. Inadvertently, one day you will meet a rainbow like gorgeous person, and from then on, other people is just a rush cloud".

Please cherish this person, cherish this fate.

What's more, parents love each other best when they love each other, don't they?

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