A universal cough medicine, no matter how stubborn cough can be done! (kids make better use of it faster)

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A universal cough medicine, no matter how stubborn cough can be done! (kids make better use of it faster)

2017-10-25 08:17:37 520 ℃

Autumn and winter seasons, my baby is very easy to catch a cold, cough, and repeatedly, take medicine and injections, no good! Bao Baoke uncomfortable, I feel worse when, as the saying goes: the disease in children, pain in the heart. This is not false at all! Fortunately, the family has Chinese medicine mother-in-law, steamed a bowl of onion water for the baby, the cough was reduced that night, drink two days, miraculously good.

My grandmother taught me to make onion water, very effective for cough! Onion water can be stewed or steamed, I chose a relatively simple "steamed onion water.""! Onion can be yellow onion or purple onion, according to her mother-in-law, purple onion taste more sweet than yellow!

The first step: onion wash out the skin, the whole onions soaked in water, with a knife cut about 6 pieces of hand

The second step: put the chopped onions in a bowl without adding water

The third step: even the bowl with onion buckle on the plate, after boiling water boiled put onions on the rack, with the fire steam

The fourth step: steam for 30 minutes, and the light purple water on the dish is onion water

I had a drink, the onion was sweet, and it didn't taste spicy. The baby was very receptive and drank it! Give him a drink at noon, watch him till night, cough a little more slowly, drink twice on the second day, cough just fine.

Remember, it's best to take onion water when it's warm, and, of course, before meals and after meals.

My mother-in-law has more than 26 years of Chinese medicine parenting experience, I also follow her for 6 years, now for the baby disease care, physical conditioning also have a certain understanding!

When the baby has some small problems, many parents are taking medicine and injection to treat, and later found that the baby is not only sick, bad physique, repeated years of illness! So, I have been in the study of prescription diet, common ailment, almost do not need to take medicine, the body was very good!

I also summarize the common disease therapeutic side almost all the baby ah, some feeding nursing ah, are packed, parents can use these methods at home baby conditioning physique, good care of the ailment, then ertui988 said to me, I have a good way for me to send you a good prescription, ha I have helped thousands of his mother, and they become good friends, really have a sense of achievement! I hope the baby can be healthy!