Baby fever, need to immediately paste the fever?

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Baby fever, need to immediately paste the fever?

2017-10-25 22:03:33 514 ℃

The child had a fever parents anxious, want their children as soon as possible fever, hope the children feel comfortable, many parents would take various measures, such as to the use of children Tuire tie, even some overseas purchasing can see the antipyretic plaster figure, then, whether to return to help hot fever?

Parents asked: "baby fever, said that the fever paste paste will be able to reduce fever, in the end is not true? ]

In fact, the fever paste is not the child's fever, but the anxiety of the parents.

First, fever itself is not the "burn brain", causing encephalitis or the disease itself, fever, and need to understand the cause of disease, timely treatment measures for the cause of the disease in time. Second, if it's heat - induced heat disorder, it's not so great to try to get a local cooling through the patch, and only one piece of water vapor can take away the heat very little. In addition, the antipyretic paste mainly contains borneol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil and other components, which may cause local skin allergies. To sum up, it is not necessary to use antipyretic paste.

Fever, whether to add a lot of water, moderate physical cooling, necessary drug cooling, after all is to make people feel comfortable and help to increase comfort, let the disease outcome to the good direction.

Parents carefully observed, it will be found that children for the local cooling cream is not very acceptable, and even lead to severe allergic dermatitis. Of course, if the paste after the children feel comfortable is not willing, then.

Of course, also have some antipyretic Plaster "benefits", such as when you want to be quiet, paste it, people around will generally take the initiative away from... Most people I do not tell Da...

In addition, still need to be reminded of the baby's condition, if you do not see a doctor or unable to deal with, do not have doubts, sometimes have to trust your gut. When you send your baby to the hospital, be sure to take care of it. The road with water and antipyretic can relieve the discomfort of the baby to the greatest extent.

Network science are just for the maintenance knowledge we add in some hospitals, instead of the hospital, to remind parents, if you can not handle their own or on the baby's condition are not allowed to draw the line, please timely medical treatment!

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