Let the baby head up and stop nosebleed? This way you misuse the number of years!

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Let the baby head up and stop nosebleed? This way you misuse the number of years!

2017-10-25 22:10:38 494 ℃

Growing up Kihara Fumiaki (chengzhangshu9)

We had this experience when we were kids, and the nose started to bleed. When blood bubbling from nasal drops to the outflow of clothing or on the ground, the parents will say, don't move quickly around, looked up, or simply to lay down on the bed, they'd do but always feel good, a great smell of blood from the nose to the throat...

After the parents, the children often have nosebleeds, many people around are still using the parents of the head upward hemostasis. I become a word of mouth bleeding earthwork, become a very effective method of hemostasis in many minds of their parents, so many children will can't help to head bleeding after. But in fact, this is - not - to - drop! This is not only not conducive to hemostasis, but also easy to lead to the occurrence of dangerous situations.

This is because:When the child upward, the outflow of blood is easy to flow back to the throat, not only can not stop bleeding, but also easy to choke into the trachea and lungs, and even blocked breathing cause dangerous situation. Especially when the bleeding is too long, the blood is swallowed into the esophagus or stomach, which stimulates the gastric mucosa to produce discomfort or vomiting.

In addition to the child's head upward bleeding, parents often make mistakes and these:

Error 1 - plug paper towels or toilet paper.Parents usually put paper towel or toilet paper roll into a ball, the child into the nasal cavity (never). Tissue or toilet paper does not have hemostatic effect, but also inevitably with some germs, it is easy to make the bleeding nasal mucosa difficult to heal and lead to infection, erosion, this is not worth the candle.

Error 2 - lying on the back to stop bleeding.Some parents keep their children lying down, thinking it will help to stop bleeding. As you know, the effect of doing this and head up is not good, easy to cause blood reflux to the throat, leading to respiratory obstruction, and even stimulate the throat and stomach, causing vomiting.

Mistake 3 - get cotton balls too early.After the children stop bleeding, parents worry about children breathing blocked, eager to get hemostatic tampon. Because the bleeding site has not healed, it is easy to cause bleeding again. If the child is not asleep, keep the cotton ball for a period of time and make sure it is open again.

Error 4 - raise your hand to stop bleeding.There is also a way to stop bleeding by raising hands. The left nostril bleeds and raises the right hand. The right nostril bleeds and raises the left hand. In fact, the nose and the arm of the vessel far, this method is groundless statement, in addition to the chaos outside will not have any effect.

In fact, the children do not panic when nosebleeds. For general bleeding, as long as the correct method to grasp, or can easily cope with.

No [1] let the children sit on the chair, the body slightly forward, with the index finger and thumb pressed child bleeding nose root, encourage children to breathe with the mouth, usually about 10 minutes will be able to stop the bleeding.

No [2] if the conditions can be used for child hemostatic medical cotton ball (note medical oh).The cotton ball with sesame oil can be fully wet, moist nasal cavity, and plays a role in hemostasis, pain Qi stasis. Also can sprinkle Yunnan Baiyao on the cotton ball, slowly stuffed into the child's nasal cavity, can quickly stop bleeding, safe and effective.

No [3] if the bleeding after press, can let the children eat proper cold or ice cold towel with mouth, neck, or put an ice cube on the forehead, so it will also help.

No [4]After hemostasis in the nasal cavity will form a blood clot, the child because uncomfortable, will use hand to dig, easy to cause bleeding again.Parents must encourage children, or divert their attention, do not let children worry about picking nose.

If the above methods are unable to stop bleeding, or the child bleeding is very frequent, must take the child in time for medical treatment, so as not to affect the condition.

Prevent children nosebleeds, usually do a good job of protection is the most critical, which requires us to pay attention to peacetime:

1. avoid picking your nose with your hand.A lot of kids have the habit of picking their noses, and doing soIt is neither sanitary nor easy to scratch the nasal mucosa and cause bleeding.Parents should clarify the truth to the children, and help children get rid of bad habits, reduce mechanical damage to the nose.

2. keep the air moist.Autumn and winter, the air is very dry, the child's nasal cavity delicate, parents should pay attention to keep the air moist. SurePut a few pots of plants indoors or put a basin of water, also can use air humidifier.If you feel uncomfortable with a dry nose, wipe with a towel or cotton dipped in water, or nasal wash with warm water.

3. pay attention to diet (very critical).Many children like to eat fried chicken, hamburgers, drinks and other fast food, often eat these unhealthy food, not only for children's growth and development is extremely unfavorable, but also easy to get angry, leading to nosebleeds. Therefore, the child's diet must pay attention to, parents shouldEncourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of boiled water, develop healthy eating habits is particularly important.

Of course, each child's physique is different, the degree of nasal mucosal fragility is not the same, nosebleeds are not the same. With the improvement of resistance to growth and development of children and the improvement of their own, nosebleeds generally will gradually improve, said so much, remember the next child nosebleeds, don't let them looked up to heaven!