Have you ever had a baby? Look at these two parts

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Have you ever had a baby? Look at these two parts

2017-10-29 16:38:51 449 ℃

When shopping often see some white skin looks charming girl, looks like a newly graduated young girl, actually look at the two parts of them, a glance that they had no children.

1, look at the belly

When pregnant belly is up like a big ball, abdominal skin was stretched too tight, belly fat also began to accumulate, and the uterus will be swollen.

When a baby is born, the belly becomes very loose, the abdominal fat remains, and there will be striae gravidarum. Recover at least 3~6 months, a lot of stars a month will be able to recover, in fact, is a very harsh recovery plan, and the body of a woman with irreversible damage, a mother is not recommended to do so.

If half a year has not obviously recovered, the mother should pay attention to, may begin to lose weight, take care of the mouth, take the leg, is a healthy weight loss method.

Even if the recovery is ideal, can not be like a child was born of the subdebutante belly is generally flat. So, to see if a woman has ever had a baby, first look at the stomach, absolutely right.

2, look at the buttocks

Generally speaking, women in pregnancy at the time of delivery, in order to be able to accommodate a fetus, the uterus becomes large, pelvis width, and pregnancy eat Hesse Hu, you tend to accumulate fat in the buttocks, so,A baby's mother will have a big hip, loose situation.

Of course, there's a way to get rid of the big butt. In addition to the natural recovery of the mother's body, we should pay attention to sleeping position and sports assistance.

First of all, the mattress should not be too soft or too hard. Because the mattress is too hard will oppress the pelvis, resulting in deformation of the pelvis, deformation can not be restored. Soft mattress bed for lumbar pain, adverse. In order to make the full pelvis recovery, better sleep with lateral and supine sleep alternating.

Secondly, raise your legs when lying supine. Because the pelvic muscles are stretched too much during delivery, you can do some reverse muscle movements to make the pelvis recover faster. Raising your legs in supine position may be the easiest and easiest way to do it.

Finally, using tie belt. 42 days is the best time of postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, the mother must seize this time using tie cummerbund, fast recovery flabby belly.

In fact, the difference between having a baby and never having a baby is great, except looking at the belly and buttocks, as well as breasts and belly, but these places are not easy to look at in the street.

In addition to physical changes, there are changes in mood and temperament of the women who have had children. The mood of the women who have had children will change, and welcome to share the comments.

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