How to beat the 6 year old son to force ICU to the child father knelt down and begged

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How to beat the 6 year old son to force ICU to the child father knelt down and begged

2017-12-06 18:38:50 130 ℃

11 29, Shijiazhuang, a 6 year old boy in the intensive care unit suffered multiple organ failure. He was covered with bruises and could not bear to see directly. According to the doctor, the child has been beaten for many times, the new injury is superimposed on the old injury, and the infection causes multiple organ failure. Who is so cruel to put a child in such a hand to live in ICU until now is not out of danger?

everyone says that mother is the most intimate person in the world, and mother is the most selfless person in the world for children. What is the greatness and selflessness of mother's love! And in this mother, we can't see a little "mother love". We can't describe the mother in language, and describe the crime she has committed.

the child is called Chen Xi, and her parents have been divorced before they were born. When he was one year old, her mother threw him to his father. He lived with her grandmother and was especially close to her grandmother. After remarriage, Dad had a daughter, and her mother did not remarry, just living with a young boyfriend of her age. Although Chen did not live with his parents, the grandmother was very good to him, and he was quiet, happy and happy.

some time ago, Chen Xi's mother will he away from kindergarten, and propaganda to let his father kneeling for his family. While living with her mother, Chen tried to call grandma, but was stopped. The father of Chen Xi has been working outside, and has always been unaware, until the child is admitted to the hospital to get the news.

after the child was robbed, the family did not find it for a long time. The child and child mother just uncle her boyfriend in the United States for delivery to see a help information in a chance (when the child was in the hospital) feel like, let the children go to the aunt, that is really looking for Chen xi. This tells the child's father to come back and the police, and the mother and her boyfriend are also controlled by the police.

at present, the daily medical cost needs about twenty thousand yuan, and the child father works two thousand or three thousand yuan per month, and now he has been trying to raise money. The child is still severe room for treatment, only occasionally to see the guardian, grandma has cried lose self-control.

how much hate is it for a mother to make his own child like this? What is the state of mind that allows a mother to beat his child to heart failure repeatedly? We can't think of it. They all say "tiger poison does not eat food", even wild animals know this reason, and as a person, even the beast is inferior. The law will sanction the men and women who have no human nature.

the mother is holding what attitude do to them, we are currently unknown, but it can be seen that the mother had no feelings for the child, and the subconscious that play their own children, not others, is full of ignorance of the law. With this assault, they made at least three crimes: the crime of intentional injury, abuse, kidnapping (calling the father of the child, trying to threaten his family). This kind of mother is a big setback in life.

as a parent, if you can't give the child warm, do not hurt the child. The things between adults, direct to find adults to solve, the child is innocent. A child is an independent individual, not a parent's appendage, not a parent's private property. Children are the responsibility and duty of their parents, not the tools that parents use to threaten others, but not the chessmen used by parents to meet their own requirements. If you choose not to love children, then please let go of the children, and the children a clear sky!

in addition to condemn the wicked mother, out of watch, for the protection of children, school, family and society and what can be done? The spirit of "rather wrong one thousand, can not let go of a" principle, we can from the following several aspects to reduce the risk of harm to the children:

2. is under normal circumstances, children do not come to school or ask for leave, teachers should contact their parents, if necessary, give parents appropriate and legitimate advice.

3. parents can't contact their children within a day. They should call the police and ask for help from the police to ensure their children's safety.

4. encountered the abuse of children in the neighbourhood