The couple have sex when the bomb rang, that picture is so beautiful I can not see......

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The couple have sex when the bomb rang, that picture is so beautiful I can not see......

2017-12-07 00:29:31 153 ℃

there is a saying: "no love, no husband and wife's life is a hell, love and marriage without husband and wife is torture, and a couple's life without love is suffering."

Yes, right husband and wife life is not only a normal physiological need of human beings, but also an important activity to maintain the feelings of two couples. It can be said that the normal lovemaking couples, marriage is unlikely to be a problem.

but the baby is husband and wife, husband and wife, sex number plummeted, sometimes is not enough energy, sometimes look at each other is not pleasing to the eye, but the most terrible, or because there was a time bomb......

, look at what the netizens say:

netizens A: all of them are secretly asleep while the little ones are asleep. If they turn around for a while, they will not move. Oh, like an affair, sneaky!

user friend: that day and her husband suddenly had interest, so when he was asleep, he hurried to come. In the middle of the way, the son suddenly shouted, "stop!" this scared the two of us and didn't move. Fortunately, the smelly boy turned over to sleep, it is midnight cry!

C users: the day and her husband are sex, suddenly heard the voice of the child: "Dad, why do you bully my mother?" my husband and I was scared out in a cold sweat, to end the fighting.

D users: my son is 4 years old this year, every day is not a good night sleep! Every time I and wife Make Love must be up to about 11, sometimes the son has not slept, wife slept, really no language!

E users: Heixiu when his son was caught, cried and rushed to me a beating. While crying and shouting and saying do not bully my mother, let me cry. And tell Grandpa and grandma granny. For more than a month, he dared not let his son see his parents.

F users: want to and wife sex, secretly holding his son to a small bedroom, handling the way, the son woke up, his eyes said: "Dad, I am in a Dream Tour?"

embarrassing? I looked embarrassed!

then the problem, : when was a child to see how to do?

experts answer is: it depends on how old the child, if it is under the age of 3, there is no problem; 3 -5 years old, have a vague memory, so should be avoided; 5 -8 years old children, can use the indirect method in education; 8 over the age of children, you should use a more direct approach to explain. Once found, don't hide it, you must stop and explain it immediately.

my opinion is to try our best to avoid it. Anyway, the child is 5 years old or so. It's time to go to bed. The child is too big to sleep. It's OK. There are , remember to lock the door, remember to lock the door, remember to lock the door , the important thing is to say three times.

is actually calculated by formula: Oh, the formula of couples' life frequency -- the frequency of husband and wife life = the ten digit *9 of age, and the ten digit number of product is periodic, and the number of digits is times.

research shows that this frequency not only satisfies the desire, but also does not affect the health and work status, so it can bring the greatest happiness to marriage.

so do you reach the standard?

, of course, the formula is dead, people are alive, the frequency is still to be considered in combination with its own actual conditions. In general, the couple upgraded to parents, or to make some two people alone to maintain good feelings, for their physical and mental health is good; the parents of small children can temper a benign countenance, indirect benefit, grow up happy in a good atmosphere in the home environment.

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