What kind of character does mother have, what kind of child will be raised? Come on.

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What kind of character does mother have, what kind of child will be raised? Come on.

2017-12-07 00:29:32 114 ℃

saw a hot search on micro-blog in the previous period: "the child is not good, and the mother's character has a great relationship." it feels very interesting.

"text-align: center" such as

mother and child is slowly

children are timid and overcautious

feisty mother the child, but the nonstriving isn't

inheritance, children will imitate the advantages of parents to grow?

who wants their own advantages to inherit children, then why is the mother's advantage, instead of such a child?

1, " queen " son daughter weak, main characteristics of multi handed

Queen Mother type:

overbearing, strong desire to control, high family status, bad temper, often accused of other family members, a famous psychologist in Austria

Adler has a wonderful judgment, "if the mother is full of authority, all the day to other members of the family accused, the girls may imitate her, be mean picky; boys is always standing on the defensive, fear of criticism, trying to find a chance to show their humble."

Wu Zetian doughty, China history only orthodox female emperor, she has 4 sons, but a man is not as a loser!

and strong mom match dad, most of them are relatively disadvantaged families in the family. If both husband and wife are strong, they are afraid of falling apart.

, and when dad becomes more and more marginalized in family role and status, his mother will become more and more powerful. From the point of view that children always form identity with one sex parent, daughter will identify with a strong mother, and her daughter will become a strong daughter . So is the boy. The formation of a boy's character is mostly to his father. The way Dad is at home is the way the boys grow up.

when the daughter against her mother's tyranny; when the boy despised father's cowardice, but also quietly to inherit such parents , and will be brought to their future and logical relationship between spouses and children in.

2, " maid" weak mother, main characteristics of children of violence, impulse, lawless type:


< / maid gentle but not assertive, weak habits yield, low status, family spoiling the children, to take care of the family, for others often ignore their

feel a child holding her mother's hand in crying. The son crying to let mother to buy toys, mother feels that the home is too many toys, do not agree to buy. After the dispute, the son hit his mother with a slap in the face. Mom doesn't say much, maybe it's too disgraceful and wants to take her son. Wayward son gas unexpectedly grabbed my mother's hair, my mother also play, is not willing to go. Mother begged: "let go quickly, good pain."

later, passers-by came to the rescue, said to take the boy to buy, but he was "you roll" to drink and retreat. The boy grabbed the hand more violent, mother's throat, mother hold flushed, feeble, and ultimately had to yield to the toy stall son.

this is not long ago in the micro-blog news reprint rate is very high, a lot of people in micro-blog have gotten the message: "although

children are the parents' heartstrings, but pet after the head turns out that"

"is not the boy Education well, there are problems of children, parents have a great responsibility to"

"at KFC also had three generations of a family, the child kept cursing grandma, mother, two people held the child sitting in the middle, ceaselessly. Who can educate and educate such parents? "


, a cowardly mother, will raise an overly self-centered child. She should enjoy her mother's care and obedience to . In the future, once a mother has a little violation of his wishes, he will be particularly angry, irascible, and even fist.