The wife is pregnant, the husband's way of blowing up a circle of friends!

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The wife is pregnant, the husband's way of blowing up a circle of friends!

2017-12-07 00:29:37 213 ℃

children when

most can see a man love you

recently, a picture maxed circle of friends:

many people sigh, this is simply a "textbook" Daddy: "

is most in need of the husband to accompany

pregnant with her husband to accompany


old male child and you can not learn

is the first woman after all when the mother of

pregnant woman is children. The event of a lifetime But, the husband's reaction, the difference was great:

" > some husband meticulous care and accompany, the guardian, distressed wife of morning sickness and uncomfortable;

felt as unalterable principles. What is a good way.

is pregnant, children, marriage is China mirror.

Taiwan netizen "Mr. bird" wife, pregnant at the end of 2016.

"Mr. bird" recorded the drops of the 10 months by the lens.

"Mr. bird" used the camera to "text-align: center"

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video "Mr. bird" seemingly ordinary company, but many treasure mother heart envy:

never the kitchen was willing to learn to cook for his wife;

is not good at doing housework, but do all the housework;

Mrs bird severe morning sickness, Mr. bird care, 100 like care;

Mrs bird pregnancy grumpy, Mr. bird tolerance, patience, cajole, spoil, let

delivery; Eve Mrs bird nervous, Mr. bird accompanied, jokes to make wife happy......

many netizens exclaim that this is the real sense of marriage to the people.

the same, a 90 milk dad wrote to his wife" pregnancy diary ", also let many people see the red eyes:

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Bianzhuohuayang wife to cook every day, walking with his wife, wife to wash hair massage, distressed wife every uncomfortable -

the 90 daddy, do people think this is the most basic duty of husband:

"really very grateful to my wife, she was so afraid of pain, but under such a health cute baby for me. "

good men are quite a lot, and the people you want to marry are good enough for you.

the children know that

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: some men think that pregnancy, the children of this thing, what women do not do ah? It's not the hen's next egg.

illustrator Nathalie Jomard, draw a series of "when mom is feeling " illustration, hot global: