Children do housework age control table, not to use children to harm him

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Children do housework age control table, not to use children to harm him

2017-12-28 18:27:50 862 ℃

out of love, many parents do not have to let the children do a little housework. Some mothers also think that doing housework is an adult thing, and the child is good at reading. But does the child do not do the housework and concentrate on learning, will it be better?

, a 20 year study at Harvard University showed that compared with those who did not like housework, the employment rate of 15:1 who had housework was higher than that of the latter. The income was 20% higher than that of the latter, and the marriage was happier.

Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences conducted a survey of 20 thousand primary school families in the country. It also showed that children who did housework were 27 times better than those who didn't do housework.

also has a lot of examples to prove that it is essential to have a child to be an elite and to make him do the housework.

American super rich Rockefeller family of six generations, generations of elite, not out of a black sheep. Because of inherited rules, allow children to do housework and bookkeeping. Zhao Xiaolan, Zhao Xicheng, the new transportation minister of the US, has brought up 5 very excellent daughters, because he has asked Zhao Xiaolan to do housework with his younger sisters and help them make plans for their expenses. Since childhood to help the family to share labor, so every child has the independent plain, grow up to become free from arrogance and impetuosity, all areas of the elite.

actually begins at the age of 3, and mothers can consciously cultivate their children to do the housework. Compared with the family age table below, mothers can better grasp what kind of household chores for children of any age. Table

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