Patty Hou's son is suffering from ABO hemolysis, and proactive pregnancy can be prevented.

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Patty Hou's son is suffering from ABO hemolysis, and proactive pregnancy can be prevented.

2017-12-28 18:28:01 1039 ℃

, Taiwan director Patty Hou in an interview, said the little son tears collapse on the spot. When the young son was born with ABO hemolytic disease of the newborn, a total of 3 intensive care units were in and out of the intensive care unit, but the cause was still not found. What is the "terrible" ABO hemolytic disease in the end? To this end, we interviewed the children's Hospital Affiliated to Medical University Of Chongqing, the new Department of Pediatrics, the Deputy professor and the associate professor.

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Patty Hou talked about her son's illness and tears, and

hemolytic disease was so terrible.

in March this year announced that Patty Hou harbored a second child, the pre production period in September, was discovered in August 22 Nissan seized when babies have lungs and abdominal swelling, because the decision early caesarean section. Then, the young son because of ABO hemolytic disease of the newborn, often serious anemia, have to be admitted to the hospital blood transfusion, the number of white blood cells is not enough, and still have not found the cause of the disease. She and her husband to have children, but also wear bio suits.


" expert interpretation of neonatal hemolytic disease in ABO group with the most common

what is the newborn hemolytic disease? Lu Qi professor pointed out that the hemolytic disease of the newborn refers to the homoimmune hemolysis caused by the disharmony between the mother and the infant blood type, which occurs in the fetus and the newborn period. ABO blood type disharmony is the most common, and ABO hemolysis is most seen in the mother type O type, and the children are type A or B.

, for example, if mom is O blood, the blood type of baby and daddy is the same. It is type A blood, so that when mother's A type red blood cells infiltrate into mother's blood through placenta, the mother will produce A antibody. At the same time, these antibodies in mother's blood may also enter the fetal body through umbilical cord, and destroy his red blood cells, thereby causing the ABO hemolysis reaction of the baby.

even hemolytic symptoms usually are mild

Lu plays professor said, although the ABO blood group with high incidence rate, but did not you think so serious, with the occurrence of hemolysis rate is very low, even if the occurrence of hemolysis, symptoms are mild, manifestations of jaundice.

at this time, the doctor will observe the jaundice index of the child. After some routine treatment, it will get better. There will not be very serious complications, so you don't need to worry very much. Patty Hou's little son's anemia, white blood cell number is not enough, the condition is relatively heavy, may need further examination, clear the cause of the disease.

positive pregnancy test timely treatment of

Lu professor told reporters, in general, as long as the early diagnosis and early treatment, most patients with hemolytic disease of the newborn baby can be cured. The main treatment methods include drug therapy, blue light treatment and exchange transfusion:

1, drug therapy: if the symptoms of hemolytic disease of the baby are mild, you can follow the doctor's instructions and use drugs for treatment.

two and Blu ray treatment: if the children's jaundice index is high, reaching the standard of phototherapy, we can also use blue light treatment, and how much time it should be irradiated according to the serum bilirubin concentration and condition of the baby. In addition, albumin and gamma globulin should be used as appropriate.

three, exchange transfusion in the treatment of children with severe illness: if necessary, the doctor will according to the situation, the sensitized red cell in time for exchange transfusion, but also can turn the corner. Timely observation, treatment in time, the majority of children with light therapy or light therapy + drugs can, a few necessary to change blood treatment.

Professor Lu Qi stressed that in order to control hemolytic disease of the newborn early, pregnant mothers and expectant mothers should be actively pregnant, and have a knowledge of their body before they can prevent hemolytic disease of the newborn.

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