Baby nourishment to supplement the small hand, called "the king of the bean" is better than the soya bean red bean.

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Baby nourishment to supplement the small hand, called "the king of the bean" is better than the soya bean red bean.

2017-12-28 18:28:06 703 ℃

today to our team's small partners to give you a brief introduction, the study of a long new partner - chickpea.

believe that many Baoma must have heard of it in recent food almost become a new Wanghong. In foreign countries, there are also many bodybuilding owners and people who have been on the Internet.

"Kloss in the Ins Victoria Secret Supermodel Karlie Po on their healthy diet

chickpea is known as the" king of beans ", because of its high nutritional value of many other common beans. The content of protein and trace elements is also higher, and like quinoa, it is more comprehensive in the food.

, we often say that we should give the baby to eat high nutrition things, chickpea is fully in line with this, we recommend the baby to eat a little, can enrich the types of foods oh ~

today to bring 3 of chickpea dish, a small baby to eat, too a big baby to eat, and one for adults to eat with snacks and treat hard with the baby you ~

although chickpea nutrition, but still have to pay attention to the collocation problem. Look for a baby's favorite food to match, nutrition and taste also doubles. And we also developed a chickpea tofu, condensed the essence of chickpea, put hard beans into the soft palate, little cute, ensure good nutrition digestion.


yogurt chickpea rice paste

dish : yogurt chickpea rice paste

:8 months +

: 50g, the ingredients of chickpea yoghurt 50g

materials : lettuce amount, cool white boiling water

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1. food preparation: 50g, 50g, chickpea yogurt lettuce amount, cool white boiling water;

2. in chickpea For one day, into the pot boiled;


5. peel of chickpea and yogurt into lettuce cooking machine into a slurry, can dish out.



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chickpea tofu dish :9 months +

: 200g

food chickpea accessories : water

tools: ordinary pot, mesh or gauze

production process:

1. food preparation: Chickpea 200g, water

2. a day ahead of chickpea soaked into water, add cooking machine A delicate Soybean Milk;


3. filter: the beaten Soybean Milk into filter or gauze, filter out the Soybean Milk juice, if gauze, gauze pinch, extrusion spare juice;

5. cooked thick Soybean Milk, into the bowl, covered with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

6. chick without adding soft tofu coagulant, more tender Be careful to die, and then cut into small pieces to eat. When mom and Dad eat a little chili oil, cooked sesame and salt, the taste is better.



chickpea crispy seaweed dishes for the crowd: Mom and dad

: 50g, the ingredients of chickpea seaweed 2

accessories : cooked white sesame, black pepper

tool : oven for

production process:

1. chickpea a day early immersion; drain water into the freezer for 1-2 hours, seaweed with scissors broken back;

2. from chickpea ice The box removed, thawed, mixed with white sesame and seaweed