How does a shy Baby make a friend? Mom and dad can do this with the help of God

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How does a shy Baby make a friend? Mom and dad can do this with the help of God

2017-12-28 18:28:10 785 ℃

can listen to a story when she pokes a stamp. Oh, ~

, I love making friends..mp3


is from the New Year cake, mom

. Today, the good night story brought to the babies is "Mao rabbit's children's emotion management" series. During the age of 1-2, babies have complex emotions, such as embarrassment, jealousy, guilt, pride, shyness, and so on. How should parents face the emotional needs of their babies and how to help them understand and manage their emotions? Give it to the hairy rabbit to solve it.

dad and mom know that every baby has its own good friends, and TA's understanding and criteria for good friends are different. A hairy rabbit friend has made a lot of good friends. What is a good friend of TA? Just listen to TA and talk about it.

find a friend and find a good friend.

I like to be with my friends... Play, share and participate.

let's talk about happiness and annoyances. We play together, laugh together, and even sleep together.

friend's care, care and friendship make me feel that everything around me is full of warmth and friendliness.

also, the good friends all unconditionally support me, let me know how good to be myself! My heart is full of pride and joy.

some people have a lot of friends, some people only one or two confidante.

want me to say, my most intimate friend is Skate. Of so many good friends, I like to be with her. She was happy and happy all day, and was sincere and interesting. Most of all, she always knows my mind.

friends, of course, there are a lot of the same hobbies: eat strawberries and cream, watch a movie, go camping, roll and skating together in the snow...... and friends together, always happy, happy.

however, good friends do not necessarily have to be very similar, and do not have to have the same hobbies and interests. In fact, sometimes, the difference between friends really makes us feel attractive and new.

I am being a good friend to work, want to know the secrets of my friends? When sad, sad, happy time, laugh together, we together and bitter, this is the definition of good friends.

we not only communicate the small thoughts in our hearts, but also the small secrets of our emotions. Although we are still very small, we occasionally talk about big dreams.

I enjoy such time, such a tacit agreement.

I like to be with my friends. But remember, if you want someone to be your good friend, you must first be a good friend of someone else.

hey hey, I like my friends! Do

children know? Good friends do not require the other party to pay, but two people to consider each other, understand each other, together healthy and happy growth.

is interested in the set of "a rabbit children's emotion management" series of books of the mothers, also can occasionally tell me.