The "Chinese courtesy" that makes you face to face, does your child really understand it

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The "Chinese courtesy" that makes you face to face, does your child really understand it

2017-12-28 18:28:14 769 ℃

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all parents hope that children, become a child of good manners. But in life, some cases, asking the child to understand politeness is actually "hurt" the child. The following are "hurt" in the name of politeness. Did it happen to your baby's teachings, too?


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    4 year old brother playing with his toys, 2 year old sister. When the two men scrambled, mother saw it, took up her sister, comforted her and said to her brother with a reproach to her brother: her sister is still small, and you have to let her be more!

    brother's emotion broke out and cried and shouted, "no, it's not!"

    is big enough to take more responsibilities for the small and big ones. This is our traditional culture. For thousands of years, our generation grew up in this culture. But it is hoped that children before the age of 6 will strictly abide by this tradition and carry such heavy moral baggage.

    humility itself but if the child no ground for blame, quarrel, indiscriminately, blindly borrowing the traditional politeness rules to "criticism of the protection of small". The result is often a child that parents eccentric or despise him, and gradually become rebellious or not confident, but children are spoiled if Johnson, became more and more capricious.

    , in fact, when children quarrel, we'd better be a neutral arbiter, , understand the whole story and choose the way to deal with it so as not to be partial or small.

    you can walk up to the children and say, "Hey, tell me what happened just now?" Let me see if there is a better solution? Who said first? " Wait for the children to explain the situation and help them to analyze it.

    • you can so and the children said: "this slide is for all of us, everyone can play, not to, we wait to take turns to play?"

    • " to hurt the child's self-esteem and self construction [


    mother took the children back home, before departure he told the children to see Grandpa and grandma to loudly say hello. But when the child came to his old home, he refused to say anything.

    mother is irritable to say, "shout Grandpa, why is it so rude?" It's too disobedient. The mother is more criticism of children more stubborn not to shout.

    to meet, especially to meet the elders to say hello, this is the world's politeness. But in order to cultivate the children's basic etiquette, and to take the way to force children to greet, it is often contrary to the desire, especially for the rebellion of the children.

    actually, to cultivate the children's "meet good" polite habits, do not need to force, adult good example. if the parents always warmly greeted with others, so children are exposed, will naturally develop the good habit of greeting ".

    you can also give children a lot of habit of drawing books. sometimes, a lovely animal or cartoon character in a picture book makes a child very friendly, and these good habits will be willing to follow.

    , if you take a child to a friend's gathering or a family gathering, you can tell children who you will meet first. If he can meet them, say hello, this party will become very high. Some children do not like a lot of people's occasions, so preheating can let the child have a psychological preparation first, and then the performance will be much better.


    • is harmful to the baby's sharing behavior hurt the baby's body health

    with mom the children playing outside, on the other a friend playing grandmother gave him candy and candy out.