A man is inferior to a dog in his middle age? A woman of middle age, worse than pigs or dogs!

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A man is inferior to a dog in his middle age? A woman of middle age, worse than pigs or dogs!

2017-12-28 18:28:22 763 ℃
A middle-aged woman

, often feel tired because she splits, open eyes, all around her need to care of people, but all people think that this is not it?

men clasped hands, rush about telling the news around spreading, with tears in her eyes:

that's right ah!

at last someone speaks of our voice!!!

mockery US greasy, reprimand US incompetent, who knows how much pressure we have taken?

didn't we look bald on the top of our heads?

didn't we all start adding wolfberry to the thermos?

don't cry!

, the best thing that a man can do is to think a lot of things outside of


is a huge expense. If

is worse than that, the middle aged woman in

will be easy.

in fact, people are not easy to middle age,

this is a hard age, how does

have the "middle age crisis" the heart of the word?

and even American movie types have a special type of "middle age crisis".

can often describe men,

women have been skipped,

because the status of women in the United States is much higher than China.

women of this age,

is often old and small,

, the left hand should drag the child, the right hand should support her parents,

should not only earn money to support family, but also maintain family stability.

yes, most of the mothers are working, and

has to work to make money and to support a home.

, since they are all fighting in the society,

's wonderful colleagues relationship, bad face boss, disgusting customers,

are all suffering a lot.

even suffers more workplace discrimination, ceiling.

is so miserable that many women in

are still far more than their husbands.

if the stand a moron husband,

not only his incompetence with the original family crater,

with their money at the same time,

also have patience and encourage her husband to work hard at

pay attention to the wording does not hurt his fragile heart, but also to

by no medical insurance for her mother-in-law the doctor, just graduated from high


to help solve the sister-in-law, home in a pile of relatives and children to find the object, the

family are counting on you.

is tired,

only knows.

female middle-aged,

by double carve of time and life. The full

are deflated,

does not have the vertical vertical,

foundation painted again thick also conceal the traces of time,

the blush brush again heavy hard girl pink,

only with the embarrassment of

and be inopportune or inappropriate time to fight.

had severe cancer

ten refers to the literature, what do not stick spring water,

what cleanliness, all not heal.

occasionally want to buy a girl a sense of clothes,

also teased mercilessly:

old cucumber green paint brush - zhuangnen!

has been said, "don't talk so bad about women.

, you can do beauty and fitness,

is the worst, you can buy, buy and buy. What about


men sit in the car for a while before they go home.

thinks about life and empties himself.

is all his own time. What about


is like a war on time every day. A survey by

social research and research center of Peking University shows that the average

workers in China work 8.66 hours a day.

also calculates the commuter distance: the commuter distance of the

nationwide - an average of 9.18 kilometers.

, Beijing 19.20 kilometers, the average distance

the average one-way for 52 minutes first, then calculate

waiting for the bus, traffic jams, congestion, this time will be longer


to sleep 7 hours a day, 2 hours to eat

beauty? SPA? Running? Swimming? Fitness?

does not exist.

because of a work sprang to the kindergarten to pick up the kids,

to buy food to cook, clean,

non-stop eating rice to accompany the child to play

, give the child a bath, put the kids to bed,

the child fell asleep they have time to think "yourself" it

in no time, the second is the money,

, I know that money is tacky, but the

society cannot do without money.

has no money,

you can't even blow up a snot.

is the overtime crowded subway home,

and then give him the rural parents to send money in the house,

holiday stared at each other?


car nine to five, living in a big house on the weekend purchase,

holiday with his family to travel abroad?

is all about money.

you do not dare to open the circle of friends,

children classmate's mother in the sun travel photos,

beach coconut seafood,

and you can see just open the mobile phone on the

: "a monthly salary of 30000 yuan can not afford to support the child of a summer vacation"

said the other mother

summer with her daughter to participate in summer camp, 14 spend 140 thousand.

you can only bite and bite, and then work hard,

today's children's classes all have,

piano, Olympiad, dance, painting, Taekwondo...

too many things to learn, < /