The baby porridge Riga its zinc calcium nutrition and delicious double full

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The baby porridge Riga its zinc calcium nutrition and delicious double full

2017-12-28 18:28:26 783 ℃

winter, then catch cold wave struck, the maid is really into the kitchen all rely on the courage and perseverance. this time to boil a pot of hot and fragrant fresh congee, and it is suitable.

simple and time-saving, drink a bowl of wine, that is really quite comfortable ah, has been able to warm to the heart nest.

>" I have the collocation of pork, scallops, a variety of vegetables on the inside, nutrition is more comprehensive and balanced, a bowl of porridge can fix the baby meal nutritional requirements.

put a little scallops in the food supplement, do not want to have the whole bowl of delicious, will greatly enhance the baby's appetite!

even this two days have nothing appetite of A Zhe, also grunting and a bowl.

scallops and nutrition is bad! It is rich in protein, carbohydrates, riboflavin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. plays an important role in the growth, development and intelligence development of babies.

every kind of porridge do more, give the baby a fresh taste to taste it.

reference month: more than 9 months, the food allergy baby

: to prepare the ingredients scallop 8 grams, 15 grams of lean meat, carrots 15 grams, celery 8 grams, 40 grams of rice porridge baby, ginger 6 grams, 3 grams of onion

30 minutes of "text-align: left"

[1] take a piece of ginger cut into filaments.

8 months baby can eat ginger, ginger here is mainly used to help fishy and cold stomach effect.

[2] scallops with clean water to remove surface impurities, into the bowl, add chopped ginger, pour the right amount of water, soak overnight in advance.

with low fat and high protein, 100g scallop fat content of only 0.6g, and protein content of up to 46g, is 3 times that of chicken, beef, fresh shrimp.

and scallops contain abundant monosodium glutamate, taste fresh, compared with the smell of fresh scallops will reduce a lot of. If

is not ready for scallop home, with a small fish, shrimp, shrimp, fish and even can.

[3] soaked scallops, torn into filamentous standby. The size of

particles should be determined according to the age and chewing ability of their babies. The baby whose age is younger should be chopped up. Now I do it for 9-10 months.

[4] carrots cut small diced.

[5] pork loin cut small pieces.

[6] pork into the pot, add ginger, scallion, add appropriate amount of water.

[7] pork chunk boiled out.

[8] into meat.

[9] celery boiled water, remove and drain water.

can not accept the celery taste of the baby, can be changed into other vegetables, free adjustment.

[10] to blanch carrots, remove and drain water.

[11] celery cut Xiao Ding.

[12] baby porridge rice into the bowl, add water, clean clean. The choice of rice is also critical when making

porridge. Try to choose some high quality baby porridge rice , calcium and magnesium, zinc and other vitamins and minerals, and taste more soft and waxy.

, if you use ordinary rice, you can soak in advance for 2 hours, and full bubble can shorten the time of porridge, promote the production of phytase, and help the baby digest and absorb better.

[13 meters] poured into the pot, add 320 ml of water.

[14] boil, add minced meat, carrots.

to 7-8 [15] boiled rice cooked, add dry expansion, Bess, diced celery simmer for 3 minutes. When

is cooked, the congee should be stirred with a spoon for a period of time, so as to prevent the bottom of the pot.