Surprised! Leigh Bhave Lin is still in a large area for children to use, it's harm do you know?

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Surprised! Leigh Bhave Lin is still in a large area for children to use, it's harm do you know?

2018-04-13 10:25:13 249 ℃

's article yesterday, only 28 thousand children were infected with hand, foot and foot in March alone! You must understand these precautions! After the release, many mothers' messages were received, because I mentioned that Leigh Bhave Lin was banned in the article. Many friends asked Leigh Bhave Lin why they were banned, and friends said that their family had just been opened by Leigh Bhave Lin.

Leigh Bhave Lin is very serious, and Ma Yili has sent micro-blog to disclose the abuse of by Leigh Bhave Lin.

, my son was infected with foot and mouth Zizi, in the hospital doctors also gave Leigh Bhave Lin the aerosol. At the time of their class infection or suspected infection of hand foot and mouth little friend and diagnosed herpangina in children have been opened by Leigh Bhave Lin.

, it is said that in the one hundred pediatric prescriptions, eighty of the ten children who have Leigh Bhave Lin and one hundred have been to the hospital have been used by Leigh Bhave Lin.

even more frightening is that many kindergartens in Xi'an, Lanzhou and other kindergartens have been exposed to the morning check, when teachers collectively give their children Leigh Ba Velin and drink Banlangen to prevent colds. Many friends of

may be puzzled by the misuse of Leigh Bhave Lin. Today we are going to talk about the harm of Leigh Bhave Lin.

ribavirin = antivirus?

Leigh Bhave Lin is a synthetic nucleoside antiviral drug. It is a precursor drug. When the microbial genetic vector is similar to the nucleotides of purine RNA, it interferes with the metabolism of RNA required for viral replication, and inhibits the RNA and DNA synthesis of virus. In vitro cell culture test, Leigh Bhave Lin had a selective inhibitory effect on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). There are many kinds of

Leigh Bhave Lin, such as granules, aerosols, oral agents, injections and so on, which are the most common antiviral drugs at present.

is often used to treat cold, fever, cough, wheezing, autumn diarrhea, herpes pharyngo cheek, hand foot and mouth, and even has been reported to play an anti-tumor role in our country. we look at me casually on the Internet to find Leigh Bhave Lin indications:

, whether it is a grass root community hospital or a three level hospital, whether it is a general hospital or a children's special hospital, whether it is common cold or rotavirus enteritis, or general hand foot and mouth disease, may be Caie Bhave Lin.

Leigh Bhave Lin is strictly controlled in Europe and America. Although

is widely used in China and Europe,

has been strictly controlled in Europe and America.

although Leigh Bhave Lin's in vitro test has selective inhibition on respiratory syncytial virus, its clinical efficacy in treating adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza virus or influenza virus is uncertain. only a few severe respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia is occasionally used in the North American countries.

1985, the United States approved Leigh Bhave Lin aerosol RSV for lower respiratory infection in hospitalized children, because some early clinical studies found that Leigh Bhave Lin infection is effective for RSV, the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1993 recommended for high-risk children Leigh Bhave Lin severe RSV infection.

but before the subsequent analysis found defective, Leigh Bhave Lin is not as good as before clinical effect assessment so obvious, in 1996 the American Academy of Pediatrics before "must use" to "consider", but only part of severe RSV infection in high-risk patients.

us FDA currently only approves Leigh Bhave Lin orally and aerosols. Oral administration is used for the treatment of viral hemorrhagic fever and combined with interferon alpha 2b for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. The nebulizer is only allowed to treat severe lower respiratory tract infections caused by respiratory syncytial virus in infants who are hospitalized in heavy hospitalization.

and the European Union EMEA currently approved only a ribavirin tablet for chronic hepatitis C.

Europe and the United States used Leigh Bhave Lin's application control so narrowly. First, the current clinical effect is not so sure. Two, the key is to find Leigh Bhave Lin's side effects are relatively large. The side effects of

Leigh Bhave Lin

Leigh Bhave Lin's many terrible risk, general systemic adverse effects observed in clinical trials: fatigue, headache, weakness, fatigue, chest pain, fever, chills, flu symptoms. Nervous system symptoms: vertigo. The digestive system have anorexia, stomach discomfort, nausea and vomiting, mild diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, musculoskeletal symptoms of muscle pain, joint pain, neurological insomnia, emotional irritability, depression, attention disorders, nervous, respiratory symptoms are dyspnea, rhinitis etc. skin attachment system, rash, itching and hair loss. In addition, abnormal taste and abnormal hearing were observed.

but it is the most terrible risk is caused by hemolytic anemia, teratogenic and carcinogenic, and are likely to cause hemolytic anemia

Leigh Bhave Lin usually inhibit glutathione, which damage the cell membrane of red blood cells, red blood cell lysis and oxygen. Specifically, in the first 1~2 weeks after oral treatment, hemoglobin may decrease. The main adverse reaction is hemolytic anemia. This may worsen the existing heart diseases. About 10% of the patients may have side effects of heart and lung.

anemia patients take Leigh Bhave Lin can cause myocardial damage, some are fatal, so patients with history of heart disease or obvious heart disease can not use Leigh Bhave Lin. One of

's terrible risk: the teratogenicity of

although there is no teratogenic, carcinogenic to human Leigh Bhave Lin the authority of the conclusion of the study, but the WHO has a 19 year drug adverse reaction monitoring report, may be due to the use of Libawe Lin caused adverse reactions of more than 8600 cases, fetal abnormalities in 126 cases, clear for the deformity in 45 cases, tumor in 81 cases, this is really not a small proportion.

Leigh Bhave Lin's teratogenic risk has been confirmed by animal studies of different species of genus. Malformation occurs mainly in the skull, palate, eye, limbs, jaw, bone, and gastrointestinal tract. The incidence and severity of the procedure increase with the increase of the dose.

FDA had a serious warning to Leigh Bhave Lin and asked the pharmacy to mark Leigh Bhave Lin's teratogenicity in the fetus in bold black words. Even exposure to only 1% of the treatment dose can produce a significant risk of fetal teratogenicity.

Leigh Bhave Lin's long half-life, after treatment can be kept for 6 months in vivo, Leigh Bhave Lin banned for pregnant and lactating women; and, at the beginning of treatment before and during treatment and withdrawal after at least six months, for the use of this drug for both men and women need contraception. Two of the terrible risk of

is: the carcinogenic

ribavirin, another terrible risk is carcinogenicity, which has been confirmed by animal experiments. The rats' experimental results showed that ribavirin could induce benign breast, pancreatic duct, pituitary and adrenaloma.

for Leigh Bhave Lin, there is a 4 page medication guide on FDA to make patients aware of the medication attention and side effects.

2006, the State Food and drug administration proposed the safety problem of Leigh Bhave Lin

for more than 10 years, has been repeatedly mentioned Leigh Bhave Lin pediatric experts harm. But it is a pity that Leigh Bhave Lin, who has such a high risk, is still very common in our country.

self limiting disease does not require the use of antiviral drugs

see side effects in front of Leigh Bhave Lin, look at it in real life is not abused, frightened people? Although

Leigh Bhave Lin is known as an antiviral drug, it doesn't need to be used in common influenza, rotavirus, even varicella, measles and so on. Because these are self limiting diseases, depending on the immunity of the body, the virus can be defeated.

for HFMD herpangina, too, hand foot and mouth, herpangina are self limiting disease, are relying on their own immunity will be able to overcome the disease.

95% children are common cases, as long as the child's good spirit, only need conventional treatment can be able to heal within 1 weeks or so. The remaining 5% severe cases of

need to observe the situation of the children in time and actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment.

shares so many risks about Leigh Bhave Lin. You may not understand why Leigh Bhave Lin is so risky. Why is it so widely used? There are too many reasons behind this, and an article is not finished. Leigh Bhave Lin is really going to be banned and there's a long way to go.

this is like the use of antibiotics, although there is a strict use of antibiotics now, it is necessary to have a prescription to buy at a drugstore. But a lot of the time, as long as the children are sick to the hospital, they are basically open to antibiotics.

, 4 months from the first time to have a fever cold now, whether it is the common cold, cough, have a fever, diarrhea, eczema, or otitis media, just go to the hospital, the doctor prescribed drugs, certain antibiotics.

first I can not understand, how a common cold, diarrhea to open antibiotics ah? Are these not all self - healing?

then looked at the number of children in the pediatric hospital every day, and looked at the doctors who had no time to go to the toilet, and the parents who had been waiting for hours for a few hours, and the tense doctor-patient relationship.

many doctors prescribe antibiotics, disease resistant drugs, and a large number of drugs to avoid responsibility. Many parents also hope that doctors should prescribe more medicines. It is better to take medicine today, so that they will relieve their anxiety and anxiety tomorrow. When they are sick, they will feel confused and worried when they are sick. They will forget the illness.