The 12 bad habits of the failed parents! No one is a good parent

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The 12 bad habits of the failed parents! No one is a good parent

2018-04-16 20:25:33 164 ℃

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in the growth of children, many parents in the face of the child is not always, that may not, in opinionated to protect children, prevent child injuries. It is not known that such behavior has caused harm to the growth of children.

today, she lists the 12 bad habits that the children can't have, and see if you have any of these problems.


own diligence, for children

parents think this wasteful harm is love children, but this may let the children learn, do not understand the luxury return and pay, no good financial awareness.

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to love children not to give him expensive, but to give him the right. It is the best gift for children to teach children from childhood, to know how to be thankful and rewarded, to understand the truth of frugality.


is not polite to harm both in relationships, or in the academic, career, not polite will become a stumbling block to the children.

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to look at his own words and deeds, to be a civilized and polite person. Words and deeds are the two inseparable parts.


with a baby playing computer / watch adult program

a lot of harm adult programs are not suitable for children, easy for children to produce cognitive errors, and watching TV for a long time is unfavorable to the growth of children. Similar to watching TV, strong visual and auditory stimulation, computer radiation will also hurt the baby, also easy to cause the problem of cervical bone development.

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to show children's programs or play computer. It must be suitable for children's development stage, content is healthy, and children watch TV / play computer time strictly. It's better to replace it with a parent-child game.


love their own children and others harm

will be the first to let oneself psychological gap in education for children too harsh, then let the children vulnerable to outside influence, no confidence, self-esteem.

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. Don't use others' children's standards to measure their children, let children grow naturally. As long as there is no lag and slow situation, don't worry too much.


in protecting children harm too distressed children, what also do not let him, but this is actually deprived of the mobile phone will let him no children, learning opportunities, lack of exercise, the child is difficult to learn to take care of their own skills, at the same time dependency, into a "lazy". In the future, it is difficult to adapt to the collective life.

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to give children some independent opportunities, and assigns some things to them in their ability to make them understand the benefits of giving, and let him learn their abilities. Child hands-on is the most effective way to learn.


of the children, all express your dissatisfaction with

such harm will result in the child's negative emotions, but also let him learn to find fault with others, and can not look at their own mistakes, learn to deal with things the wrong way.

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, tells children in a fair manner, tells him that there are bad things in life, and tries to give children a more positive impression.


, the child will feel the harm lying lying is not wrong, he would learn to lie. At the same time, he may also feel strange and insoluble in the practice of the adult, and produce a cognitive bias.

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to cherish the trust of children, do not perfunctory children, promise that the children must do things. No matter the children are not present, they strive to be a person with good faith.


procrastination, no time to view

harm is easy to let the children have no sense of timing, not to have a correct understanding of adverse events such as punctuality, late, after it is prone to similar problems.

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to instil time concept to children and let them know the importance of time. The usual work must be carried out according to the plan, complete strictly according to the prescribed time, don't always "The coming days would be long".


does not abide by traffic rules

no harm safety awareness and self-protection awareness of children, whether outside or at home, are very easy to meet danger.

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whether or not to take the child out of the house, to comply with the traffic rules. Always try to tell the child to abide by the importance of the traffic rules and tell him that it is actually protecting yourself.


criticizes the child

  • harm in public.

will hurt the child's self-esteem and make the children feel inferior. It also affects the affection of the parent and the child, nor does it make the child realize his own mistakes.

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children's mistakes, we should point out in time, but we must be gentle in attitude. Tell him why he is wrong. Your purpose is to make the baby correct, not to attack him.



sports harm this is common to most parents, ignore the importance of child development movement, let the children because of lack of exercise caused certain skills development lag.

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and more exercise are good for children and themselves. They try to take time to take some sports and games together with their children. They both exercise their bodies and cultivate their parents' feelings.


temper, at

first will cause great harm to the psychological burden of children, increase his fears, is not conducive to child psychological construction. At the same time, it will make the child become an irascible person, not very good control and management of their own emotions.

's parents' quarrel provides a bad example for children to learn to attack sex, such as dirty words and rude words.

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and learns to manage their emotions. When it's really impossible to control, don't burst out at the child's face, giving children a good family atmosphere.

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