The more you roar, the worse the child is! It's more useful than you roar one thousand sentences. (recommended Collection)

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The more you roar, the worse the child is! It's more useful than you roar one thousand sentences. (recommended Collection)

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before a period of time, a mother asked me to talk. She said:

his two treasure always love my sister, not with the sword is playing with the hand, how to say do not change, if he stole the sword, lying on the ground immediately you can't stop crying. Finally this when the mother can only give him the sword.

looked at the aggrieved look and Dabao, two treasure incorrigible, I just don't know how to do it.

as a parent, in the process of raising children, you will find that children have their own intelligence and will constantly challenge their parents' bottom line in the process of growing up. When

was young, he cried and cried for sugar to eat. He didn't lie on the ground and rolled up. You agreed, and he wanted to meet him next time, still using this way to cure you.

grew up, with intellectual growth and along with their parents after a long time the "result", they would catch your "weakness", then "nrk".

  • you are afraid that he will cry, he will cry to you;

  • , if you are afraid of him running, he will run away from home;

  • , you are afraid of his self mutilation, and he will hang up his mouth every day.

for a long time, you have become a side of the child's hand, he will make use of his unique advantages to make you round.

if a child makes a compromise, a cry will be satisfied; for a long time, the child will only take their parents' efforts for granted, not to cherish and to be grateful. Even if you grow up, it will turn into a "white eye wolf".

, therefore, for children's "bad habit of threatening parents" bad habits, the sooner the parents stop, the better, do not wait until the children's demands are higher and higher, parents can not accept when they are aware of the late.

the child to avoid threats to their parents, we can do this:


then the children learned to threaten their parents by talking about conditions and crying in order to achieve their goals. Parents can do this:

1. takes the child away from the crime scene

, when the child is crying in public, affecting the people nearby, the parents can take the child away from the scene at the first time, and give the child a cool time.

2. of the appropriate cold treatment, let the children emotional release

parents can accompany the child firmly after crying (cry, cry softly, to cry, fierce quietly cry, cry over.) These 5 weeping stages. During this period, the parents do not say anything, do not blame, comfort or give the child to speak the truth, because every word you say, will give children a deeper stimulation, let the child cry more powerful.

you can hold him quietly with him, let him release his emotions, slowly, he will stop crying and calm down his emotions.

3. soft firm refused children

children's emotional stability down, you can hug the child said to him: "I know you really want this, but today I have to go out to buy something else, this thing is not in our list. But my mother didn't feel certain to buy it. When you're feeling better, let's go home. "

first gives children a reason to let him know why you don't buy this thing, then express his position by action, cry can't solve the problem, avoid children's habit of "like to threaten their parents".


"for children to develop appropriate rules, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan" children "threat" success is a compromise and doting parents, on the other hand, because the parents did not give the children make the rules, let the children become "wild horse". So the parents and children together to try to develop "rules". Note: the "

" rule is not to limit their freedom of action, but as a child's bottom line behavior. So you don't have to be more clear, and it needs to be operable.

, for example, rules of Johnson to develop the children's mother:

  • cannot hurt yourself

  • cannot influence others

as long as the child's behavior criterion in these two rules, charming mom usually let the children to explore the world.

finally, as soon as the rules are completed, both parents and children should abide by and implement them together with the appropriate reward and punishment system. After strict execution of

several times, children's behavior will be standardized, and gradually develop good habits, so that we can effectively get rid of the bad situation that threatened parents before.


don't talk with the children

many parents, in the "gaobuding" children, will not consciously use "if...... So, then... " Talk to the child about the conditions.

for example, if you don't cry, the mother will give you to buy sugar;

if you're a good homework, then the next time the mother will take you to the park to play;

if you got the first, then Dad will buy you your toys.

then, under the influence of his parents, the child learned the conditions. The "tears of threat" escalated into "offensive", almost no end of trouble for the future.

China there is an old saying "used to kill it, son" when the parents of the child ", is in fact to the growth of children to create obstacles, let the children gradually formed a self-centered way of thinking, selfish greed, finally accomplish nothing.

a child who has never been rejected is unable to stand the test of setbacks. For the sake of children's happiness, parents should learn to meet their children's needs rationally and firmly refuse their unreasonable demands.

compromise is not love, and indulgence must be harmful.

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