I don't know, I'm so rich

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I don't know, I'm so rich

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| breath, first from pregnancy, pregnancy is |

is small a, 7000 yuan

what? The nutrition is not calculated, unwanted pregnancy?

that's not good... The birth of ~~~

production need how many money?

is not expensive, 1000 dollars is enough necessities "

production or caesarean section? Private or public hospitals?

VIP or general ward?

I live in a private tri ordinary 2 ordinary ward, 6000 yuan in labor,

this is just a production, and caesarean section is more expensive.

so small 1000+8000=9000 yuan !

if no one at home to take care of, have my city Yuesao, the price is 10000 yuan

baby born,

the first two years of milk to eat more, it must be 60 cans,

= 18500 + milk supplement yuan

to say still, breast-feeding money !

but pure breastfeeding is so little...

this is said to

is not damaged, replacement, consumption......

subtotal (rounding) about 3000 yuan

to say, diapers is great spending,

but still want to thank

mothers a lot

baby easily!

the costs, small 8000 yuan Maling,

we continue to count down!

what shampoo ingredients are natural? Do you have any additions?

pH value...

these were not seen,

but EVA, the whole people become hypocritical!

easy consumption products multiplied by 2, a conservative estimate of about

this year grow very fast, have to change clothes from A to Z 2-3 round, the two seasons and each prepare three sets of a total of six sets, each set of shoes if only add ins and outs at the price of 500 yuan, is 3000 yuan, plus the outside winter jacket and cotton vest three sets estimated 2700 yuan, 900 yuan in three sets of estimates.

20000 yuan (do not believe)

< "text-align: center" > I have this very rough good,

is small 3500 yuan .

according to the baby oh,

pure breastfeeding baby also adds AD agent,

If a balanced diet, proper supplement.

2000 yuan

is here already: 84000 yuan!

< strong>

is really not finished...

I really very conservative,

1500 yuan subtotal!

already calculated the cart and the kettle has been removed,

seems to also ignore the mummy bag?!

this is a must,

3000 yuan

although walker is chicken ribs,

but I still bought back, many mothers are shouting,

ah, what not to buy a lot of new mothers hand chop chicken ribs?

picture temporarily calculated by two 2000 yuan (than the early class and travel has a lot cheaper)

in addition there may be advantages that bear, early childhood educational toys

cost must be greater than :3000

If, to early class, costs 13000 yuan per year from !

this is not, health care, insurance, toys, travel money, the main cost of

only children born the first two years of is about

101500 yuan! More than 50 thousand every year!

clothes, shoes, hat and trousers...

staple food snack fruit and milk products...

toy picture book amusement and travel...

this is class to domestic, international class then,

this money is not enough,

multiplied by 3 or 4, or even more......

2000 classes per month in accordance with the domestic each kind of training class before subtotal: 60000 yuan

kindergarten money,

class experience is necessary to

not recommended reported too much

< br>

50000 yuan

this heap of digital

<, P style= text-align: Cente " R "> it's just a baby, it's not a damn house price!

city where I look Sansiwanyi flat......

really frightening!

, in fact, is the first of two years the cost is not really scary, primary school, more and more public school, fortunately, our city, private schools 50000-60000 yuan a year is the starting price of about 200000 yuan, a year is there. To prepare for the college entrance examination or go abroad, go abroad, "little farewell" to see? No 20000, 00 yuan do not think of going abroad (Europe and the United States is more expensive, 400000 a year about it)... School Christmas leave a holiday, a study activity is 100000 yuan one big and one small...

forget it, I don't want to go down again!!!


] money cow mother Xinyu also the only part of child rearing, effort, worry ah, fuck a lifetime heart ah......

, in particular, I think it's conservative, because for myself, the tuition fee of the two kids is more than ten thousand a year, and it doesn't include training fees for all kinds of interest classes.

if you feel that something is unnecessary, do not spray me, do not buy it, everyone's consumption view is different,

if you