To seize the child's height spurt period, four things that parents cannot ignore

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To seize the child's height spurt period, four things that parents cannot ignore

2018-05-02 10:25:01 233 ℃

There are two spurt periods in one's life, one is 0-2 years old and the other is adolescence 11-15 years old, especially the second spurt period. If parents can seize this golden period, they can Help your child grow up with the strength he has when he reaches adulthood! The eldest daughter of her friend's family has just turned 10, immediately ushered in the second height spurt period of life, let us learn about friends for the daughter of tailor-made increase program it:

1. Diet Management

1. Breakfast must be eaten! And it is very rich to eat! Breakfast must have milk, eggs, millet porridge, noodles, coarse grains, etc. to eat;

2, Chinese food for dinner to eat high protein, especially foods containing "amino acids", such as: beef, liver , fish, eggs, milk, cheese, wheat germ, soy products, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, kelp, seaweed, and dark vegetables, various fruits, etc.;

3. Be sure to let the children Eat well, eat well, eat a variety of foods, and diversify your diet.

4. It is necessary to correct the problem of picky eaters who eat snacks.


1. Eat less snacks and drink less carbonated beverages. Carbonic acid is easily combined with calcium to form calcium carbonate, which destroys calcium in the human body and affects bone development.

2. Ice cream, instant noodles, chocolate, biscuits, desserts and other foods and high-temperature fried foods should be Try not to eat;

3. Too much salt, too much sugar, too much white rice, no breakfast, excessive diet, no vegetarian food, etc. Must correct it.

2. Exercise management

Exercise can directly promote the secretion of growth hormone, while moderate exercise can increase appetite and give children a healthy sleep. Helping grow taller. Someone has said after practice: "Sleep after a reasonable exercise is like a baby's sleep." Exercise can make people grow taller, but not any exercise can make people grow taller:

1, is conducive to growing taller Sports: volleyball, basketball, swimming, football, ballet, aerobics, stretching gymnastics, skipping and jogging, etc.;

2, not conducive to long-term sports: weightlifting, weight-bearing exercises, excessive exercise, consumption Big sports (marathons, etc.).

III.Sleep Management

1. Ensure growth hormone secretion at 10-12 o'clock in the evening and 5-7 o'clock in the morning. Peak into deep sleep;

2, to ensure that working days sleep at least 9 hours a day (not enough morning and evening nap), at least 10 hours sleep on weekends;

3, wake up before bed Stretch, stretch your hands and feet in the opposite direction at the same time, tiptoe, with slight sweating as the standard;

4. Wake up before bedtime to grow acupuncture points, such as Baihui (the center of the human body) ), etc., Chiropractic back;

5, close the window to open the door to sleep, the whole family to go to bed early and early;

6, psychological: to maintain a good mood, family harmony, and maintain confidence.

Fourth, Others

1, Psychology : Maintain a pleasant mood, harmonious family atmosphere, and maintain confidence.

2. Bone age examination: Go to the hospital to check the closure of the epiphyseal line in six months. The girl is normally closed at the age of 16.

3. Height check: Once a month, record data and track variables. The prepuberty average is 5-8cm/year, the average spurt period is 8-12cm/year, and it can be 2-7cm long after menarche.

4. Genetic Height Target Calculation Method: Girl = (Father Height + Mother Height-13)/2±8CM

Need to emphasize that nutrition management in the period of height spurt must be To keep up with calcium and vitamin D supplements (vitamin D can promote calcium absorption), these are based on food supplements, otherwise supplies are not available, and children have long bones and ache, such as knees and legs. Symptoms such as pain.

In addition to the short stature that really requires treatment, children of normal heights do not advocate medication during development, nor are they free to use a variety of height-enhancing drugs and height-increasing devices. Parents should perform science scientifically on their children. Height management.