A woman who has had a child, no matter how young and beautiful, these 4 points will “expose” you are a mother!

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A woman who has had a child, no matter how young and beautiful, these 4 points will “expose” you are a mother!

2018-05-02 20:25:31 235 ℃

A lot of hot moms around her. After she had children, she was still slim and youthful. When I go out without a baby, I still look like a little girl. I can hardly see it as having a baby! However, people with sharp eyes can still wear a hole! Because these four aspects "exposed" your mother's identity.

1. Changes in the breast

The woman has a child or breast-feeding breast Inflation is also like the two big stones, walked and shuddered!

Either after a period of breastfeeding, the breasts will become loose and saggy as the breasts pass through the child's various bites and enlargement and then enlarge. (Of course, attention to exercise and maintenance of the mother will be much better.)

Even if the mother has never breast-fed the baby, the breast changes during hormone stimulation during pregnancy, will also become larger, secrete a small amount of lotion, After production, even if the child is not breast-fed, there will still be some sagging after the breasts return to normal hormone levels.

A friend of mine is giving birth to the baby, all kinds of urging milk, that is not lactating! No choice but to feed the baby formula milk powder. When she regretted to tell us about this, I comforted her and said, "This is also good, like I have breast-feeded my baby after the breasts are drooping, you can escape!" Who knows the friend's answer makes us surprised : "Who said, "After a change in pregnancy, we wouldn't droop even when we were nursing!" Oh, it seems that women's changes in their breasts are inevitable! Unless you are very focused on sports and maintenance! But often after giving birth to the baby, mothers are busy looking after their children. !

2. Changes in the Department.

After a woman has given birth to her baby, especially after she has delivered her baby, the baby needs to have her pelvic bones expand and change when she comes out of the birth canal. Therefore, the mother's crotch became bigger after giving birth!

3. Abdominal changes.

Mothers in the pregnancy, the abdomen was expanded by the fetus, gave birth to the baby, the fat mother's abdomen accumulated thick fat, ""Little belly" is obvious; thinner mothers have a lot of belly slacks than before. However, changes in the lower abdomen, if you invest more in targeted exercises, such as sit-ups, it is easy to improve!

4. Eyes change.

I don't know if you have any such findings: A woman is promoted from a girl For the mother, her eyes will change! From the previous arrogance and simplicity, to the soft and happy eyes, the whole body exudes the light of motherly love!

In short, when a woman is a mother, no matter how physical or mental changes are, there will always be changes in the place. Despite being very tired and hard working, the happiness that the baby has given us is the most invincible!

We have no regrets!

Mothers, do you feel the same? What's the biggest change since you were a baby? Come and talk about it~

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