The first year of birth is critical, so it’s smarter to bring your baby

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The first year of birth is critical, so it’s smarter to bring your baby

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When the latest cake mom was finishing the data, she had no intention of digging out her previous education for the rice cake. Some notes. Suddenly a little emotion, then looked forward to the growth of rice cakes, and in a flash he was in kindergarten. When he was accompanied by him, his carefully written notes became invaluable in recording his precious moments of growth.

In the first year of your baby's life, how did these amazing growths happen? What can mothers do again? Look at how Mom and Dad did in the past -

0-3 months growth key:< /strong>

Vision, Hearing

Before the first three months of birth, besides eating and drinking, the first and most important Skills are "look."

The newborn baby has a visual range of only 20 to 30cm at first, seeing what is indistinct black and white; as vision develops, he begins to perceive light and outlines, and can take a brief look .

The baby likes to watch active, contrasting objects, and familiar faces. When I was in my arms, it was just the best distance for him to observe his mother's face!

In terms of hearing, the baby at this time most likes the sound of her mother. You talk to him tenderly, he will be quiet, and will be very pleasant to perform.

Mother Mom does this:

When he is awake, hold him and hold him! This will give him a sense of security. Her mother’s exaggerated facial expressions and tone of voice will attract the baby’s attention. In two months he will begin to try to imitate your expression, remember your pronunciation, and prepare for future language skills!

Music and language are the most important parts of early childhood education. So even if a person brings a child, he must make a happy speech: talk more to the child and sing to the child.Play a variety of music. Face-to-face, smile, talk, sing ... Mom's monologues are good for the baby's ability to develop.

And the baby's ability to perceive emotions is super strong. More than two months of rice cake will respond with a smile, spit bubbles, and even imitate adults' facial expressions, Meng stay well!

Tips: Holding the child upright (protecting the head and neck) allows the child to have a better vision and reduces the risk of spit and flatheads. Don't think the little baby should always lie down and hug him.

Children can play these:

  • > Pictures or books with contrasting patterns, such as black and white cards, color cards;

  • Colorful, mobile toys, such as bed bells;

  • The mirror that hangs on the edge of the crib is not easy to break. The baby will be happy to see his face.

Early Education Box Exercise

Baby Cognition Ability and body language training

4-7 months growth key:

Vision, social communication, and things awareness

Binocular vision is the main skills that a baby has for 4 months. He can see farther and have a sense of distance. Like bright and vivid colors, can distinguish the faces of family members and strangers; began to focus on observing a toy, fingers and toes, or in the mirror.

He began to try his teeth, scream, giggle, and communicate with his voice, gestures and facial expressions. Memory and attention are also increasing, and rhythms and pronunciation features in many native languages ​​are used.

He began to understand the causal relationship by kicking the bed cot and shaking the rattle.

He will also find this world more stable than he imagined, creating "objectsThe concept of "persistence."

Gourmet Mom does this:

Mum uses an exaggerated facial expression to attract the baby's attention, speak to him, and provide timely feedback on his babbling. "Hey~~ What do the baby want to say? Does the mother touch you and feel comfortable? "Speaking more and more, language bombing is an important environment."

At that time, I often accompanied the rice cake to the ground and used rattles, bright cloth books, A small mirror attracted him to lift his upper body, and as his eyesight coordinated better and better, he rolled the ball on the floor or swiped other toys, and he could always follow the moving path of the object.

< p> For some boring little games that are not unpleasant for the rice cake, I will also be patient with my temper: For example, I constantly pick up the things he dropped to the ground to help him understand the causal relationship; use his handkerchief to accompany him to play “hide and seek” and let him Understand that objects are persistent: "Even if I don't see it sometimes, my mother will always be there."

Children can Play these:

  • Soft ball & cloth toys, some of which can produce soft and pleasing sounds;

  • There are Finger-hole toys;

  • music toys, such as bells, sand bells, and tambourine (to be sure that the widget will not come loose);

  • Transparent rattle, you can see the sound inside Granules;

  • Old magazines with bright pictures, baby cardboard books, cloth books, or plastic books.

Early teach box music lesson, practice beat, train self-confidence


8-12 months growth key:

Language Competence, Understanding Cognitive, Emotional

After 7 months, the baby's vision is close to maturity and he can find all sorts of details.The baby has a stronger ability to explore and gradually understand the concept of shape, material, and size.

After recognizing that “the object is persistent,” the baby can easily find hidden objects and realize that even if the mother cannot be seen, the mother exists.

A lot of babies can understand simple movement instructions, such as “come over, hug”; also understand words that represent familiar people and events, such as “drinking milk”; when you say an item Will also look or point to the right item.

He will also try to express his ideas: such as shaking his head, pointing to objects, waving goodbye; also imitate your hair, press the remote control, talking on the phone.

The most exciting thing is that the mother will hear the baby's first clear "Dad and Mom" ​​Oh! In the first few months only screaming and screaming have been replaced by clearer syllables. Sometimes he hears an interjection, such as "ahah."

This time, it seems that every day a blink of your baby has made new progress!

Mother moms do this:

We want to provide a safe and conducive environment for babies who have “climb” skills: to keep dangerous items safe and secure enough Many things of different sizes and textures touch, grasp, throw, and scold, which is a very important process for the baby to grow and learn.

After entering this stage, most babies can sit and listen to a picture book, choose a picture book with a brightly colored, wordless, and favorite animal, and let children learn through picture books and stories.

The only thing that must be realized is that small things grow up and begin to have emotional needs. The rice cakes at this stage are getting more and more sticky to mothers. I feel really warm and tiring. First of all, we must recognize the child's "recognition" and "stickiness." When I leave home, I will say goodbye to him, give him a hug and kiss, and tell him that "my mother will return soon." Sometimes the grandma is attracted to him with interesting things. The child's attention is easily transferred.

So, in the face of the baby's stickiness, mothers need not be too anxious!

Children can play these:

  • > Stackable toys of different sizes, shapes, colors;

  • Large bricks;

  • Cups, buckets, and other unbreakable containers, tubs that can be floated, sprayed, or filled with water ;

  • "Game box" that can be pushed, opened, sounded and moved, toy phone;

  • Squeeze sound Toys, big dolls and puppies, CDs, music boxes and musical toys;

  • Cars, trucks and other toys made of soft plastic, but not sharp There are no detachable parts on the side;

  • Balls of different sizes (but not too small to fit into the mouth);

  • < Li>

    paper tubes, empty boxes, old magazines, egg boxes, empty plastic bottles (to be washed).

Early morning box music lesson,

Feeling with baby Push ball and music

In fact, for early childhood education, mom and dad is also a little aggressive: In the end how to pick, pick some flaws, how to do, only to the baby's growth and development is good ah ?

At that time, I saw friends recommended, advertising, and even a small difference between the children playing, as long as you think there are benefits, all willful buying and buying! I bought a whole bunch of stuff, and only found out that the kids really like it. There are only a few things that are really useful. And what can be done, 99% depends on what my parents do.

Everyday, when the R&D team and early childhood experts adjust the details over and over again, I can't help but lament: If there were such scientific and useful early childhood education products, there were experts. Instruct me how to do it, how much money I can spend, and how much less my detour!

How strict is our early education box development?

For example: The waist and spine of a baby who is just sitting on is still relatively fragile, but many parents can easily overlook this when playing. So in the video, we will repeatedly emphasize through the teacher reminder and subtitles prompts, we must gently cover your baby's back with your hand.

When designing games, we particularly value the importance of "early education is to comply with the baby's ability to develop." This key is that we refer to a lot of science Scales, what stages they can do, and what they can't do, must be supported by authoritative research.

For example, when teaching baby painting, we feel that drawing lines is very simple. Previously, the baby's ability to develop was not achieved, so in the art class, we will also emphasize that the graffiti that allows the baby to go free can't be used as a criterion for painting.

Early teaches box art class to exercise your baby's fine movements and graffiti ability

Each of our games, every link, strives to When scientific theories are incorporated into practical operations, parents not only learn how to play a cute baby game, but also know how to be right and why they should do so.

To be honest, the old man acts as a child. The person who came here truly felt that the baby's growth was too fast. He took the first three years for him. It's really important to do a full range of preparations! If parents are able to master the methods themselves, at no cost at all, give the baby a better quality early education at home.

This is the mom and dad's dream, and it is also a gift for mothers and mothers to prepare for millions of mothers and their babies. Seeing that the product is on the line has entered a countdown, the mom and the mother are very excited and insomnia. Are you ready to sign this gift for your baby?