Five key periods of baby's intellectual development, parents grasp the good, baby's lifetime benefit

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Five key periods of baby's intellectual development, parents grasp the good, baby's lifetime benefit

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Smart children are more likely to succeed, smart children are more likely to be appreciated by others, and parents want their children to be smart and happy. In fact, the baby's brain development and mental development are the same. Before the baby is 3 years old, the development and development of the baby's brain has basically completed 80%, that is, the baby guides before the age of 3, promotes brain development, intellectual development, baby It will be smart later and benefit from life.

Before the baby is three years old, five critical periods of intellectual development, parents must grasp and promote their children's intelligence.

0~2 months

Features of 2 months baby hands and feet Not very high, but during this period, the baby's sense of smell, vision, hearing, taste, etc. have all progressed, so the baby has almost had a basic sensory response during this period.

The flexibility of the hands and feet of the baby is not high during this period, so the parents can touch the baby's feet and hands, exercise the flexibility of the baby's hands and feet, promote baby coordination, and promote brain development.

3~7 months

The baby grows to this stage and the baby starts Entered the exploration stage guided by the visual guidance. When the baby is about 4 months old, she begins to recognize her mother, so the baby's eyes will search for her mother everywhere. When the baby cannot see her mother, the baby will be very anxious and unhappy, but when the mother In the baby's sight, the baby is very happy, very excited, will laugh to her mother, the baby has begun to recognize her mother.

In this period, mothers can make small games with the baby, exercise baby's analytical abilities, and logical thinking skills, promote the development of the baby's brain, and promote intelligence.

8~13 months

Perceived by the baby's perception during this period, the baby's hands and feet are relatively flexible, and the baby will raise his hand and move his feet when he/she is motionless. I really like imitation. So this time, parents should exercise the flexibility of the baby's body, you can teach the baby to clapping and other movements, and promote baby development, and this time the baby is very moving.

Most babiesAt the age of one year, I already started walking. When the baby can walk, the baby is very active and very naughty. It is really difficult to bring, but my mother does not stop the baby, let the baby exercise more and promote the coordination ability of the body. Promote the promotion of intelligence.

14~18 Months

Baby to this period, baby's features The function has been fully developed, and the baby's vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste have all been developed, and the coordination ability among the five organs is almost as good as possible. The baby can independently cooperate with some actions of the mother. Therefore, during this period, parents will need to interact more with their baby to promote the familiarity of the baby's facial features and promote the development of baby brain intelligence.

A year and a half later

The development of the baby's surface is almost complete during this period, so the development of baby's language and logical thinking will be promoted during this period. During the baby's development, parents do a good job in guiding and promoting work, promoting baby brain development and intelligence.

Are you holding the five key periods?

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