Five-year-old boy died in a nap at the nursery, the cause of the collapse of parents and teachers!

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Five-year-old boy died in a nap at the nursery, the cause of the collapse of parents and teachers!

2018-05-04 20:25:11 296 ℃

A five-year-old boy died in a kindergarten siesta lately, and the cause of death was actually eating too much!

We want parents and kindergarten teachers to be aware that if the child has a good appetite or if the child is having difficulty falling asleep after a meal, do not force the child to sleep immediately. !

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In the morning, five-year-old Xiaowan ate his mother’s glutinous rice chicken and drank a glass of milk. Followed her mother to kindergarten.

At lunchtime, Xiaowan's teacher Lin said that children should not waste food. They must eat the food. Xiaowan is a good child. What the teacher said is what , so I ate my meal.

At 12:10, Lin asked the children to go back and take a nap. After sing 3 songs, Lin asked the children to go to sleep. Ke Lin found that Xiaowan was still playing, hadn’t slept, and shouted several times.

Xiaowan told the teacher that he could not sleep and his stomach was full. Teacher Lin said that the children must take a nap or they would not grow taller. All the pillows finally go to sleep.

At 2:30, most of the children had already woke up at midday and returned to the classroom one after another. Teacher Lin had seen Xiaowan not wake up, thinking that she had slept late. The reason did not wake him up.

When 20 minutes later, when Lin had called Xiaowan, he found no response. Then he touched his forehead and found Xiaowan's lips. It was black, black nose and nose, and had stopped breathing.

Then the two teachers joined forces to take Xiaowan to the clinic and soon let the driver drive to the hospital. When he went to the hospital to rescue, the child had already been rescued. came back.

Diagnosticians: When the child ate at lunchtime, he fell asleep immediately before digesting, causing the child to return with food , blocking the trachea to death.

The doctor's words directly let Teacher Lin kneel to the ground. Eventually, the garden party still bears the corresponding responsibility. Investing and compensation.


Note: Do not force your child to sleep after you have eaten

There is only one child and the teacher is severely punished. Parents get more. Compensation can't make children come back nor make up for family trauma. This tragedy could have been avoided.

The child had eaten too much and told him The teacher, but the teacher can be used as a child is greedy, is awkward, forced the child to fall asleep, only caused the consequences.

Don't send nursery baby, If you can’t sleep any longer, parents should not force them to go to bed together to talk about the picture book, chat, and eat. After a while, the body is comfortable and the emotions are cultivated similarly, and it is easy to fall asleep.

Senior children sent to kindergarten, parents should strengthen communication with teachers and let teachers Learn about the individual differences in children's sleep.

The teacher, after careful understanding of the child's condition, "prescribes the right medicine," and uses the right attitude to treat children with different personalities. According to children's different personalities and needs to make individual treatment, carefully observe the dynamics of young children, grasp the nap of children.

To sleep early, do not want to sleep at noon, Energetic infants also delayed their children’s siesta time by a few minutes, allowed them to stack papers, read books, etc. around the teacher, so that the excited nervous system slowly calmed down and let the surrounding quiet atmosphere evoke his drowsiness. Naturally, I sleep.


How to prevent this?

When young children nap, guardians must check back and forth. "A", "2", "3", "4":

"Listening" is to listen to the child's breath Whether it is normal;

"Second look" is to look at the child's demeanor, closely watching the child's behavior or not, find the problem, and deal with it in time;

“Three touches” is the temperature of the baby's forehead;

“Four to do” is for individual The child who kicks the quilt must cover it himself.

Food reflux, obstructing the trachea, and the official name should be asphyxiation of stomach contents. If a normal child eats too much and immediately lies down, this may happen. If there is a disease such as suppurative tonsillitis, it will cause more clogging of the throat.

After using a meal, children generally need to rest their stomach for an hour before they can sleep.

How do you do if you find that your child has vomiting food?


Baby First Aid Methods for Asphyxiating Dangerous Times

  • When baby is awake

Place your baby on your forearm, face down, hold your baby's chin on your finger, and keep your head low;

Between your baby's shoulder blades The back pats 3 to 5 times more heavily, and a small amount of food can flow out on its own;

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After beating the back, parents immediately check the baby's mouth and remove any milk or foreign material that remains in the mouth by hand.

  • When baby is not awake or stops breathing

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Using the thumb of one hand on the lower gum, the other four fingers are placed on the lower jaw to raise the chin to see if there is foreign matter in the back of the baby's throat. If a large foreign body is found, then With your little finger of the other hand, stick in the baby's cheeks, reach the base of the tongue, and remove the foreign body.

Artificial respiration.

Put the baby's head 30 degrees back, cover his baby's mouth and nose with a large mouth, and gently inspirate to inflate the air. See the chest ups and downs. Then raise the nose and let the gas retreat with the thorax.

This is repeated, the frequency is 12-20 times/minute. Pay attention that the force should be moderate, not too fierce, to prevent the high pressure in the chest to affect the success rate of treatment.

If air cannot be blown into the baby's lungs, place the baby in a supine position. Place the middle finger and the ring finger together and press the lower part of the sternum down to 4 to 5 to compress the thorax. In the lungs, gas countercurrently flushes out foreign matter. If it does not work, it can be tapped on the back.