These 8 habits will make your child more stupid and even depressed! Parents quickly noticed...

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These 8 habits will make your child more stupid and even depressed! Parents quickly noticed...

2018-05-04 20:25:11 341 ℃

When both parents want their children to be smarter, the reality is that many parents are unknowingly stunting their children!

Scientists have done an experiment:

Put a big fish into a pool with many small fish. When the big fish are hungry, they swim and catch small fish. None of them can escape its capture.

After a while, scientists used a glass bottle to cover the big fish and put it in the pool. At the beginning, when the fish swim around the outside of the bottle, the big fish greets and bites, but each time they hit the wall... slowly, the big fish crashes less and less.

Finally, it was completely desperate and gave up all efforts to catch the little fish.

Results When Scientists Take After taking the bottle that caught it, the hard-hit fish sank to the bottom of the pool and did not move. No matter how many small fish are on its side or even swimming around, it won't reopen.Open mouth.

Finally, this big fish was so starved to death.

After listening to this story, maybe you will say that this big fish is really stupid! Think about it, Big Fish is not stupid, but After hitting a wall innumerable times, the big fish began to doubt their ability to catch fish. Later, it completely desperately believed that he was a "stupid fish." /strong>.

This powerlessness eventually killed it.

The American infant educator Katz found a similar phenomenon in his child's body. He called it " Habitous stupid .

He said that many children will gradually develop doubts about their studies and lose self-confidence for some reason. . In the eyes of others, they think they are "more and more stupid."

In life, parents' inadvertent practices and bad habits are like putting children in a cover and pushing them step by step. To "more and more stupid" situation.

1. Premature knowledge transfer, ignoring children's own feelings


Some parents are too early to allow their children to "never lose at the starting line" Children are taught with difficult knowledge; some parents are trying to make children not "comfortable", and set too high a learning goal. However, children do their best but never reach it. Every time they fail, the child will feel very frustrated, and he will become less and less confident and worse.

If he is in the child's life, he rarely gets a "winning" feeling. In the end, he may become a stupid guy. Fear your child.

2. Parents have no habit of learning and reading

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Maybe some parents will say that I love to watch TV and follow What is the relationship between children? However, your behavior and realm will directly determine the child's height. Children will be greatly affected by their parents. If you do not study or read books, you cannot create a good reading and learning environment for your children. Children must not be interested in books. Reading books can fully open the brain of human thinking, exercise thinking ability.

Regular thinking is the best way to make people smart and develop their brains. People who do not move their brains for a long time will speed up brain decline, and smart people will become dull.

3. Let your child eat too much every meal

After the children have eaten their meals, they continue to eat stuff in their children's mouths. They should eat more and eat more. I am afraid that children will eat less if they eat less. As everyone knows, is too full, people are lazy, do not exercise, brain cells are inactive, lazy thinking, feel sleepy. It is reasonable for folks to say that "eat too much and stay stupid."

Research shows that if you are too full for a long period of time, there will be premature aging of brain cells and mental decline, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and getting stupid, so eating too much may not be a good thing. There is a close relationship between the quality of breakfast and intellectual development. Not only does breakfast need to be eaten, it also has to be eaten well.

4. Parents stay up late, children accompanied

Parents love to chase midnight television, play poker all night, to avoid interruptions Himself, often give the child a mobile phone, or allow children to accompany their own television, entertainment. Children lack of sleep due to staying up late may experience a series of health problems. Immunity, endocrine disorders, problems with body metabolism, and becoming fat may not only lead to various diseases but also stay up late Acts are also serious dereliction of duty and irresponsibility for parents.

Some studies have shown that people who stay up late and have insufficient sleep may experience rapid decline in brain cells. Even smart people will gradually become confused and stupid.

5. Use force or language violence on children

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Some parents vowed to ask questions even when they encountered something. When the children are beaten, the children are paralyzed by the parents' anger, distorted faces and the authority of violent speech. They can only choose to be silent. For a long time, it will be introverted, closed, and less reticent.

It is impossible for parents to fight childrenIf you have problems with children, snoring will only make your child's body and mind more vulnerable. Children are beaten, emotionally prone to depression, anxiety, etc., resulting in problems in the nervous system.

6. Only study and no play is allowed

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Some parents don’t make a big deal forever, pinning all their hopes On the baby body. As soon as I see the baby holding her books to study, she laughs and laughs; once I see the baby playing and playing games, she is furious. Some parents also think that "the children will play when they have a heart," and they stare at their children every day to learn, study, and learn, and never give their children time and freedom to play.

What parents need to do is not to stop children from playing. Instead, they help children work together to make regular schedules, not just learning plans, but also entertainment, play, and play time. Such as combining work and rest, learning and playing, giving children the opportunity to release pressure and dispatch emotions. Only by letting stress and emotions be fully released can knowledge and teaching be filled in.

Experts pointed out that playing is very beneficial to children's growth, allowing children to play and learn in learning and playing at secondary school. It is helpful for the development of intelligence.

7. Suppressing children's tears

Cry is a very annoying East The East, especially the parents, heard the children cry, and all kinds of negative emotions came up: irritability, anxiety, angerAnger, anxiety, and self-blame, especially in public, it's just like everyone is staring at you. Say: Are you a dumb guy?

So, when the child is crying, we instinctively threaten the child to stop crying. I thought, as long as the child did not cry, the trouble passed and the matter was resolved.

In fact, you do not know: Crying is the healing process of human self healing.

Especially for boys, many parents will say, boys, don't cry, don't give up, etc. to stop him from crying. As everyone knows, letting a child become a man can not be achieved by suppressing his emotions. Learning to make him realize that he must be strong and responsible is the most important thing.

In the child's growing up, negative emotions have not been ventilated and relieved for a long period of time. Over time, how can he stay smart and well-intentioned?

8. Numerous negative suggestions

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Many parents have a mantra or modesty, often intentionally or unintentionally outsiders or children. In front of you, say that your child is stupid, stupid, stupid, etc. It is not known that the parents' language and wording of children will affect their mental health.

Actually, saying that a child is "really stupid" is the mantra of some parents. Some parents may not be aware of the disadvantages and even speak of love.

But the child's age is still too small to distinguish the deeper meaning of the parents. What they receive is "stupid" information; sometimes, parents areQi and his friends showed humility in the face. "My son has no head and it's stupid." "The child is struggling to learn."

All day long The high frequency of negative suggestions is overwhelming. How can children not believe that they are "really stupid"?

the child In terms of physical and mental health and a better future, parents should exercise more restraint in their bad emotions and behavior habits, establish good learning and living habits with their children, and create a positive, healthy and positive growth environment. Wisdom" is a good condition.

Dear Mom and Dad, I believe you can do it.