After birth, how many treasure mothers regret it? Look at people's experiences!

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After birth, how many treasure mothers regret it? Look at people's experiences!

2018-05-04 20:25:23 253 ℃

After the two-child policy was opened, many households had a goal of regeneration. It would be best if a man and a woman make up a "good" word and say something.

Xiao Ting is in this environment, her mother and her husband gave birth to a second child. She thought that Dabao had already gone to kindergarten. He was under 28 years old. When he was young, his energy and time allowed. Then he would regenerate another!

When she was born, she realized that she was too naive! Her mother-in-law was too old and her body was not good. She always complained when she had Dabao. She simply did not have to take care of her. Xiao Ting not only wants to teach Da Bao, but also gives Er Bao to smash milk powder and change diapers. She wants to cry every day. Xiao Ting forced her to call over her mother and watch her mother give her an old baby. I really regret that she had a second child.

Apart from lacking energy, spending money has also become a problem. Now that the tuition of kindergartens is getting more and more expensive, Erbao’s milk powder, diapers, and toys are expensive expenses. The second-born family spends money like water, relying on the wages of a husband, and a penny must be spent in two and a half flowers. Xiaoting particularly misses the relaxed atmosphere of the family before birth.

After the second-child policy was opened, many people followed the trend and gave birth to a second child. After birth, did you regret it?

Beanbag MOM: I regretted giving birth to my second child, but I’m going to be born right away, and I’ll relax my mind to welcome the baby. . In the first two years, it was difficult to do anything. It is mainly feared that there is no time to take care of Dabao. Dabao will feel wronged.

After 85 years of hot mom: After the second child was born, the big treasure was brought to her grandmother and she could barely take care of it. Husband often runs outside because of the nature of his work. But I thought I could never regret it if I could let my child have a companion in the future.

Momo Mom: If you don't have a good economy, you don't want to be born. My family economyConditions can be, there are no loans to the house and car, but my mother urged me to refuse to give birth to a second child, fear of affecting the quality of life.

Glittering mother: I am in a poor economic condition at home and I am a bit older, but I still desperately want to have a second child to be a companion to Dabao.

Some people said, "If you want to have a second child and regret it for two years, don't regret your second child forever." How do you see it?