The child was abducted under the eyes of the eye. This new type of trafficking should be vigilant.

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The child was abducted under the eyes of the eye. This new type of trafficking should be vigilant.

2018-05-04 20:25:21 243 ℃

The topic of anti-kicking I have written many times before, and I would like to remind everyone again because something has happened!

This is another time that the traffickers took away the baby girl in the eyes of the crowd. The neighborhood neighbors also knew her! Although the baby girl was found in the end, in retrospect, everyone said that she was very scared.

What exactly is the situation?

At about 2:30 pm on May 1, Shanghai Qingpu The Public Security Bureau received a report that a baby girl was taken away near Sanguanqiao Road, Zhenxi North Road, Liantang Town.

After receiving the report, the civilian police will arrive at the scene.

It turned out that the baby girl's grandfather was playing with her child in the street park and happened to meet a met middle-aged woman. She hugs it, but she never imagined that a few minutes later the middle-aged woman and her granddaughter were gone. When he noticed that something was wrong, he reported to the police.

Why did you know this? Middle-aged women, because the grandfather of the baby girl said that this middle-aged woman had spent seven or eight days in the park and had good talks with them. He also saw children cuddling, teasing and very enthusiastic. Because the granddaughter is not afraid of life, playing with her several times is also very good.

But who would have thought that this woman was actually a trafficker!

Now, many children are grandparents to look after, old people Like to walk around with the children to visit the community, some people have seen more than a few times, coupled with the nature of the chat to get a little less alert.

However, the current traffickers are too rampant, just as the trafficker reads: "We had some tricks when we kidnapped!", "No we didn't abduction The children who walked" Every year, the escalation of traffickers' tricks is really terrible!

This is shared by netizens:

"My child and I are at home, someone The doorbell child opened the door and saw a KFC takeaway, saying that it was the barrel of the whole family that I ordered, saying that Coke had landed in the car and let the baby follow it.But I didn’t book the whole family barrel! There's a lingering fear."

A mother development gallery took children with them. The salon had hired an employee and did not have an ID card. The employee said that the day he took the child to buy sugar, the result was never returned.

There is data indicating that the child has been abducted in a high-risk area and is ranked first in the house entrance! Many parents, especially the elderly, feel that the entrance to their homes is often acquaintances and will not cause trouble. This is really a mistake.

In addition, these children Lost places need attention too:

Shopping mall

In such occasions, adults tend to focus on purchasing goods, trying on clothes, etc. It is easy to overlook the care of children.

✘ Park or Square

Because of the openness of the site, the crowd Many parks or plazas have also become places where children are most likely to lose.

✘ Stations

PerOn the holidays, the station will become the busiest and most crowded place. In addition, the crowds will be mixed, and the child may be spotted by the trafficker if he is not careful.

✘ supermarkets

Supermarkets are also easy to lose for children In the disaster-stricken areas, especially in some large-scale supermarkets, there are more partitions, and the counters and counters are almost the same. Children are not easily distinguishable. Parents are prone to loss as long as they are not careful.

✘ Playground

Playground is for kids Favorite, so when the parents leave, the child's secretary will return or stay in the original stadium, until the recovery, the children ran out to chase their parents, more than one person flow, it is easy to lose.

✘ Party Night

Spots and other venues are crowded. , Dim lighting, more likely to have a lost event, so the best parents and children hand in hand.

Dear Movie Stills

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What to do if a child is found missing?

When the child is found missing, parents should immediately take the following measures:


◉ Broadcast

Find a radio station. When broadcasting, be sure to clarify the child's characteristics, such as what clothes to wear, what are the obvious signs on the body (such as birthmarks, deafness, etc.), parents' names and contact information.

◉ Adopt the "Ten Person Four Follow" Act

Once the child is lost, he must not give up his own self-help. He can use the “Ten Man Four Follows” method to find it. That is to say, the mother must stay motionless, and the father calls 10 people, looking for two levels of thickness.

Specific staffing is as follows : 4 individuals to the east, west, south, and north within 4 kilometers, looking along the main road; 4 individuals to the nearby train station, bus station, etc. to look for, within 2 kilometers, to avoid the criminals fleeing to another city : The remaining two people, one person alarmed, one stayed at home to prepare for the children to find their own home.

◉ Alarm

Alarms are also tricky, 2 Children within the age of the child are not likely to leave. If they are missing, they may be abducted. They should immediately call the police. The 3-6-year-old children will not have too large an activity radius. If they are not found for more than half an hour, they should promptly report an alarm. If it is a primary school student, it is best to contact the classmates and parents who have a better relationship with them before making an inquiry.

After the child is determined to be lost, he/she will seek out relatives via Weibo, Wechat, client, radio, television, outdoor advertising, mobile phone SMS, and all other effective ways. The information spread quickly, allowing more people to know and use public video resources such as airports, stations, terminals, malls, and roads to help find it.

Finally, once again Remind everyone

▣ Keeping your child within sight

< When you go out with your child, always pay attention to whether your child is right beside or within sight. It is important to keep in mind that the child is the most important and not to focus too much on mobile phones, merchandise, and clothing. When you are in a hurry, even if the time is short, do not let strangers take care of you.

▣ Pick up children using the "pass and pick-up card"

When picking up children at a kindergarten or school, be sure to use a “shuttle card” and make appointments with the teacher to pick up the children who come home. Try not to let outsiders replace the children. .

▣ Creating a child's file

Parents to use text Describe the physical characteristics of the child, such as which part of the body has a birthmark, the child keeps a recent photo of the child in the mobile phone for emergency use. Once the child is missing, he or she should broadcast or report it in a timely manner. The child's physical appearance and clothing characteristics are important information.

▣ Try not to bring children to remote locations alone

The girls must remember not to bring their children alone, especially to remote places.

▣ Hiring a nanny to find out the identity

To hire a babysitter When it is time, you must find out the true identity and grasp the primary information to avoid introducing the wolf into the room.

▣ Teach children some self-protection knowledge

When parents are not around, don’t listen to strangers, don’t take strangers’ cars, and don’t be unfamiliar People give drinks, candy and other small foods.

▣ Important contact information for kids to remember

We must tell the children their home address and their own telephone number and ask them to remember it. To tell children that they have lost their way or been abducted and kidnapped, they should look for the police or call 110.

I hate traffickers. Those traffickers who are insatiable in their conscience are not enough!

As the children grow up, we must teach them to learn to avoid danger. Of course, when they are still young, they will not let children.It is the most important thing to leave our sight.

In the end, I still want to shout and wish, the world is free!

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