The secret of washing soda boy, do not listen to folk prescription abuse cleaning alkaline substances!

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The secret of washing soda boy, do not listen to folk prescription abuse cleaning alkaline substances!

2016-07-21 02:26:28 401 ℃

Is it true that the boy's secret is to wash with soda

Xiao Bian to be very responsible for people to tell you,Don't listen to the recipe with alkaline or acidic substances to clean the vulva, and to change the body's constitution.

This can often lead to male female reproductive disease, in the case of the health of the prospective parents can not be guaranteed, let alone to give birth to a boy under the.

Since the introduction of the theory of acid and alkali, a lot of people appear to maintain their Ph. That is like a daughter of the white vinegar dissolved in warm water, I want a boy who used soda dissolved in warm water, use it to vaginal lavage. Such a deliberate change in vaginal acidity, women and the risk of suffering from vaginitis and other diseases. Also and,Egg cells in the fertilization process is very sensitive to pH, if the pH value of the surrounding changes, can not be fertilized. In particular, the low viscosity of soda water, virtually will increase the resistance of sperm forward movement, reduce the possibility of pregnancy.

Know a gynecologist said her monthly admissions to several patients with gynecological diseases because of the use of online to buy soda vaginal lavage, she said that even if the use of food grade soda their modulation, also because of the improper proportion of or damage to the

. But if it is inflammation, or other health conditions, it can not be washed with sodium bicarbonate, will destroy the normal microbial environment and mucosal barrier, resulting in vaginitis.

Should be how to wash the vagina to be washed clean? Just pay attention to the following matters, you can really clean the:

1, prepare their own special washing basins and special cleaning utensils, towels. Cleaning utensils before use to wash, towel after use should be dried or in well ventilated place to dry, preferably in the sun exposure, for sterilization and disinfection. Because you don't see the sun towel, easy to breed bacteria and fungi.

2, with warm water to clean the vulva, must use soap, use baby soap less stimulation to reduce the stimulation to the skin.

3, after defecate with toilet paper from front to back and wipe clean with warm water to wash or rinse the best to develop the habit of anus. If not wipe, anal mouth left guano stains, the pollution of the underwear, guano stains contain intestinal bacteria will took the opportunity to turn into the vagina, causing inflammation.

4, during the holidays, with warm water to wash the vulva, frequently change sanitary napkin, lest the blood become bacterial medium.

5, do not use alkaline soap or Potassium Permanganate and other chemical substances in order to avoid changing the normal vaginal acidic environment.

How to become a basic physical health boy

Xiao Bian here suggest that if you really want to rely on to change the physical life of the next boy, in fact, this role will be very small. Because the human body has a certain ability to regulate, if the body in a long period of acid-base imbalance is also prone to the occurrence of the disease, it is recommended that we pay attention to the appropriate method, do not be too demanding.

Life in the kind of argument that pH of the food can change the body's acid-base value, thus affecting the female vaginal secretion material, if it is secreted alkaline substances, for Y sperm survival, and thus more likely to give birth to a boy. On the contrary, if the secretion of acid, acidic environment more suitable for X sperm survival, easy to give birth to girls.Alkaline foods for vegetables, fruits, etc., such as potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, carrot, apple, banana, papaya, pear, orange and so on are familiar, everyday of alkaline food.

Eat more alkaline foods can give birth to a boy, this view from a medical point of view is not accurate. Because the pH value of the human body is basically constant, it is difficult to change the pH value of the human body only through a certain type of food. Coupled with pregnant women need more nutrition, if only eat alkaline food and do not eat acidic foods, such as pork, chicken, fish and other meat food, a single diet can easily lead to malnutrition. Therefore, the preparation of pregnant mothers or to pay attention to acidic foods and basic foods to eat the right amount.