Don't write homework, filial piety, a homework jumper!

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Don't write homework, filial piety, a homework jumper!

2018-05-29 10:25:31 403 ℃


Look at "Mama is Superman" in these two days

In the latest issue

"Cold CEO"Andy

Play with the big and foolish cunnilingus

This interaction with the fraternal combination

Let's say hello to countless ‘mom powders’


I also like this fraternal combination

< p>In particular, that section of Andy's counseling work for Dalingzi

I just couldn't help but cry out loud

See Andy's initial patient teaching


Then he begins to frown and sigh.

At the end, even a roar...

I have been afflicted by “writing homework with my children” for many years.

I suddenly felt that I had found a dose of spiritual soothing medicine:

Our parents are more than just parents

Everyone is coaching their children to write homework

It's easy to control their temperaments. !

Parents have been circulating this sentence:

Do not write homework Ma Tizi filial piety

A freelancer jumps to a dog

I guarantee my life< /p>

There is no exaggeration in this sentence!

Looking back last year,

A dad was coaching his son's growl while writing his homework.

So far it still lingers in my ear...

< p>I saw this video at the time

I just couldn't help but smiled loudly

But smiling and laughing

Is there a moment?Can't help but cry!

Because this is my daily routine!

Remember that once was A screenshot of a circle of friends circulating:

With children writing homework like a battlefield

Between parents and children

Potential to spell "You die"


In two generations of war

The child's usual tricks are

grinding and "procrastination"

minutes. Gas trembles with your hands

A name has been written and erased.

A piece of paper is Scraping

Is not willing to write down my homework

After dragging and pulling,

It's hard to take a long time.

Enter the official writing mode

Bears The child is stupid and embarrassed

Let parents be skeptical

When they first had children

Yes Not throwing the child up

Put the placenta up


The bear children are stupid and can't bear to see

The parents' defenses will soon be broken.


Let parents lose their weight

Emotions are difficult to control

With their children to write homework

Insane Fantasy is only momentary

< /p>

Every night

Anybody who hears a roar in a community

knows that parents are writing with their children p>

Only one second of my mother, the next second Stepmother's drama

Plays at home anytime, anywhere


It's the parents' mixed doubles

< p>

However, despite the fact that the parents

exhausted 120,000 Ruffling

The final result is still

numerous parents are on the battlefield to read

The army has already collapsed.

In desperation, someone turned to Friendmates request help

But more father

The last trace of faith can only rely on their teeth

Until wounded defeated, even "killed"!

Walk with your child!

It is simply a "proposition!"

Also, if you die today

the next day

you still have to pack up I'm in a good mood

Continuing to play

A lot of times

even if you have silently recited eight hundred times

"My own, biological..."

Finally I couldn't stop it.


The Force of the Premature Body


Thereupon, the entire community reverberates.

In addition to the roars of the parents

There are still cries of children crying

< Br>

Parents are writing about homework with their children

Too countless

"What happened to my last generation?< /p>

Have your child write homework in this life!"

Then in turn

In the children's eyes

When parents teach their children how to do their homework

What do you think of your child?

A program titled “Little Dots”

Interviewed some children

Their answers< /p>

It's shocking and hilarious


A word used to describe your parents Writing homework

Without thinking and talking out, there are two words:


One word:


Two words:


My Mood I don't want to say

But my parents' feelings

I can only say:

They are very excited



Telling more is tears~< /p>

Can you read me from my face

deeply sad?

Don't say

Go to the next topic!


What do mom and dad talk about most often when they tutor your homework?

You have been through many times.

Can you not always plant on the same topic! !

Some children must be driven Getting out of the house

There is a police uncle Doing scorpions

Threatening for children

< /p>

Uncle police lay their guns inexplicably

Other parents opened the game when they did not agree/p>

Not many words are spoken


"You're a brain guy"

"Don't take a shell every day to learn"

"You don't know if you're going to do anything"

"Is you born with such a pig son?"

"You told me so many times that you didn't know yet"

"Do you want to mad me? ?”


< p>Improve the status of Mom and Dad when tutoring your homework

Brows wrinkled

In the eyes The brilliance of 凛冽

Listen to these familiar words

I thought of myself once. /p>

It is also in the parents' tongue and tongue

Survival so far

It's tempting to tremble...

But when the host asks the child

Mom and Dad say

"I'll call you if you don't listen to it again

Comprehensive threat

Children Hesitate to answer: No!

She said:

"This is Mom and Dad love us"


Please help mom and dad to help you with your homework Performance Scores

The moderator asks children to rate mom and dad

Though the child is taught and beaten

Heart There are a lot of grievances

but it's huge Most children gave parents full marks!


Actually, children understand that

Although Mom and Dad are sometimes bad-tempered

But their love for themselves

has never been less

one night

< p>I have a problem with my mathematics.

My mother didn't sleep very late

I have been with me for a while.

I thought about how to explain it to me.


I think my mother is great!

Children understand the hard work of their parents

This should be our greatest relief

We all want our children to become talented

Sometimes there is less patience for children.

The more anxious we are

The more nervous the child will be

The child is right Our love will never be less

It will scare us to look like they are angry with them

Our child is not a genius

< p>Learning something takes time


I hope parents can tolerate some temper

giving children more time


We can talk to children:

I know you are very tired

But others are flying

But we should tell our children that:

No matter how slow you fly

I'll be around you


You will fly faster and faster!

Some screenshots come from: "Do not worry about it"

< /p>

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