The 8-year-old girl in the remarried family encountered a wretched stepfather. His mother's practice was speechless!

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The 8-year-old girl in the remarried family encountered a wretched stepfather. His mother's practice was speechless!

2018-06-08 00:25:02 307 ℃

His mother is a second-year class teacher at an elementary school in the suburbs. Most of the children in our class are babies that are held in the palm of their hands by father and mother. They are lively and lovely.

Yao Yao, the only eight-year-old girl, is an unfortunate girl. At a young age, he was always gloomy and his eyes were dark.

Yao Yao died at an early age when his father died of illness. When she first started school in the first grade of the first grade, her mother took her with her current stepfather to form a new family. At the beginning, this "daddy" still speaks to the child in the past. Not long after, however, the stepfather not only burned his child's leg while riding a motorcycle on Yaoyao, but also quickly injured his child's leg and arm. Looking at a bruised child, it always feels like the stepfather is hurting.

It's not much. When the final exam is about to take place, Yao Yao's mother suddenly asked to give the children a transfer. I ask why? She quietly told me that the child's stepfather had defamation of the child. When I heard this, I was shocked! I said angrily that there are only two options for treating such a shameless man: either call the police or divorce him immediately! But this mother is surprising: she has chosen to make concessions! Return to her parents' home and follow her to school. She continues to live with a perverted man. No way, this is her own choice of lifestyle, and I can't interfere. Only distressed this child, met her stepfather, and even my mother is not the whole body love her mother, do not want to sacrifice their own so-called marriage for the children! However, as long as Yaoyao is no longer living with this stepfather, but also considered People are a little relieved.

But soon Yaoyao took care of her at home and was picked up by her mother. She returned to our school in the second semester. At home continue to face the "danger" of being stepped on by the stepfather. Finally calmed down for a semester. Recently, near the end of the period, Yaoyao’s mother found me again and said that she would turn her children back to school. Asked the reason, only know that the child's stepfather has been hitting children at every turn. Yaoyao has a scar on his calf that was burned by a stepfather using a cigarette butt. The child's daily life is on thin ice.

I advised Yao Yao: "Why is this man like you?Still with him? For children, get a divorce! "However, the words of Yaoyao's mother were silent! She said:" It can be a day or a day. After all, this man's house may have to be developed. Maybe it can be divided into a house! "I was shocked:" Is it important for children or property? For money, even children can do it? Why do you have to rely on men for living? Is it okay to leave this man and find a job with your child? "However, such a woman is persuaded. The child is once again sent away!

On these two days, Every time I look at Yaoyao's empty desk, my heart is not very good... Is this mother more irritated than the beast stepfather? Do you not know what kind of future your child will have this time?

Now we only hope that Yaoyao’s mother will wake up early to leave the scummer! Wish him all the best!!

I hope that there will be no shameless scummer like the stepfather of Yaoyao in the world! I also hope that there will be no mother who likes Yaoyao’s indignation and does not know how to protect her children and love them! Every child can grow up happy in his parents’ arms!