What is the difference between a nap and a nap? After 8 years old, it's not too late to change now.

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What is the difference between a nap and a nap? After 8 years old, it's not too late to change now.

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It's a normal thing to take a nap. All in all, I have a habit of taking a nap. If I don’t sleep for a whole day, I feel no spirit for the whole afternoon and I feel something is missing. For children, taking a nap is even more. No less, the youngest girl is two and a half years old and will come every day. Taking a nap is not bad for children.

Child Care Tips

1. Improving Immunity

Noon is the time when the body is most fatigued, and so is the baby. A proper lunch break can relieve fatigue and enhance the ability to resist the virus. In addition, a nap can increase the activity of the immune cells in the baby's body and enhance the baby's immunity.

2. Protecting the heart

Studies have shown that adults who nap every day have a 37% lower risk of sudden cardiac death. Although for the baby, this conclusion may not be applicable, but the nap can indeed ease the baby's nervousness, enhance the baby's cardiovascular system, and protect the baby's heart.

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3. Depression

Baby's mood is unstable, it is easy to be sad because of minor things, crying, napping can adjust the baby's status, stabilize baby's emotions, and "drive away" depression.

4. Help digestion

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The digestive function of the baby is not yet fully developed. Poor digestive ability makes it easy to accumulate food. Taking a nap can help alleviate food problems and aid digestion.

5. Growing taller

When you are asleep, you will be a long time child. This is a certain truth. Only by ensuring adequate sleep can the child be able to grow better. /p>

Children who take a nap do not feel bad physically and mentally. Children who do not take a nap will have a variety of problems.

How do you cultivate the habit of a child taking a nap?

Parenting Education Early Education

1. Parents are good examples

Parents are the child's first teacher. When parents take a nap every day, the children will follow you. As time goes by, they naturally develop the habit of taking a nap.

2. Growing up young

The habit is to be cultivated from a young age. When the child falls on the ground, parents must establish such awareness and cultivate the habit of children taking a nap.