Do you say that the boss is the second child is true? Looking at psychologists' investigations, the answer was surprising

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Do you say that the boss is the second child is true? Looking at psychologists' investigations, the answer was surprising

2018-06-08 00:25:02 262 ℃

Two days ago, with two babies battling in the community garden, I met several Erbao mothers. During the chat, a Baoma told me : "I think your second child is better than the boss!" Another treasure mother also said: "Of course, people do not say that the boss is second best?" Well, is this really the case?

I have seen an interesting survey that shows that American presidents, entrepreneurs, comedians and other celebrities from all over the world analyzed their birth order Personality, come to an interesting conclusion: U.S. presidents are mostly bosses, and comedians are usually old and young; in a family, the personality of the boss and the second most are the opposite.

The survey results were well-known in the United States Professor Philip Villey's corroboration, he found through investigation and study, "The order of the family ranking is a strong factor in the formation of personality."

Frank Shalovi, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explained from the perspective of evolutionary psychology that the competition between brothers and sisters to obtain parental emotional attention and the countermeasures they take are adulthood. After the formation of the main factors.

So, what are the differences in personality between boss and second child?

Responsibility of the boss is stronger

The so-called sense of responsibility, I think can also be understood as worrying about love, my father and brothers and sisters a total of 6 people, the father is the boss I obviously felt that he loves "no business". A brother looks like a father. Even if his aunts get married, his father is responsible. He listened to her mother and said that the aunt's priests and fathers have all played a large part.

Now my brothers and sisters have lived their own little days. With my own life, my father still does not rest assured. From time to time, I squawpel my brother and sister. My uncle and aunt also listen to their father's words. There is something for him to discuss and help with his father.

Speaking of my husband again, he is also the boss. When he was in college, his father passed away. Therefore, her husband took the “older brother as his father” to the fullest extent and married his two sisters. I am very concerned about the fact that my younger sister looks for her boyfriend and wants her husband to look first. In my opinion, her husband is a little bit wide.

My family Dabao also seems to have inherited her husband's "advantages." She often said to me and her husband, "What do you think of your younger brother and wrestling?"

You can also observe carefully. Your brother or sister or baby, see if this is the case?

The boss has a strong sense of responsibility and kindness. This is inseparable from the parenting style. The boss is the first child and naturally receives more attention than other children. The responsibility for assuming family business is usually also It will fall on the boss.

Therefore, the demands of parents on the bosses tend to be more stringent and focus on the cultivation of perseverance. Therefore, what we often see in the boss is a tenacious character and kindness.

In addition, parents are born after the second child due to traditional education It is often said to the boss: "You are an elder brother (sister), you should have a younger brother and sister, and take care of your younger brother and sister."

Climbing up in such an educational environment makes the boss usually Be more responsible, practical, and willing to achieve success.

The second child is happier and smarter

The second child may be happier than the boss because They can often get more favors, and they will be smarter because the second child has been trained and trained by the boss since he was a child. He has learned during the play and has developed his intelligence earlier.

According to my family's two treasures, Erbao is now only 15 months old because it is often "adjusted" by her brother and becomes particularly naughty. For example, learning to look like a brother holding a toy gun and playing here Hit it there, and whistled in the mouth to make various sounds;

Look at how his brother opened TV. He also learned to look like his brother holding the remote control. Press here to press there.

Looking at his brother's reading, he also needs to write a "read" with his fingers...

These seemingly casual "learnings" are good for the growth of the second child and even intellectual development.

Furthermore, compared with the boss, parents are generally less strict with their second child. They are more relaxed in learning and living environment and have less pressure.

So, the character of the second child is mostly lively and cheerful, and because of his protection from his parents and boss, he often shows a naughty or well-behaved personality, and will not be as tenacious as the boss. perseverance.

Of course, the order in which individuals are placed in the family is not the only factor that determines a person's personality. It is also influenced by other factors, such as gender, social status, Education level, life experience, etc., all have a certain influence on the formation of personality. Therefore, it is not necessary for everyone to make a point-and-click match.

The purpose of the above content is to give some reference to parents who have two treasures at home and to remind their parents that when teaching Dabao and Erbao, students should be taught according to the characteristics of each baby. After a baby, when he was educating him, he used the method of teaching Dabao. Each child was different.