Before the age of six, children must be vaccinated against 11 vaccines to see if your child has missed out. Hurry up

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Before the age of six, children must be vaccinated against 11 vaccines to see if your child has missed out. Hurry up

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For the parents of children who are going to kindergarten or elementary school in September, such documents must be prepared. For example, a household registration book, a real estate license, and of course, a vaccination certificate.

Child vaccination certificate is the second certificate of a child's birth One is a birth certificate. Usually, the child needs to be vaccinated successively after birth, and the protective effect of the vaccine can effectively protect the child from infection by certain infectious diseases. It can be said that vaccination is one of the most economical and effective ways to prevent and control infectious diseases.

Of course, for children attending school and entering the park, the vaccination certificate can be used as a proof of the child's vaccination record, because this document is very important and parents need to keep it properly.

At present, children in China can be vaccinated against 11 kinds of vaccines for free, which can prevent infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, tuberculous meningitis, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, and tetanus. The vaccination schedule must be kept in mind!

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Note: Hepatitis A is divided into two types. The National Immunization Program is an attenuated vaccine. It can be inoculated with a needle at the age of 18 months. There is no need to strengthen it at the age of 2; Inactivated vaccines (second-class vaccines, at their own expense). Please parents pay attention. Therefore, although hepatitis A vaccines of 18 months old and 2 years old in the picture are all hepatitis A vaccines, they are not the same: 18-month-old hepatitis A vaccine (one dose) is an attenuated vaccine, and 2-year-old hepatitis A vaccine (one dose) is an inactivated vaccine.

The above vaccines are the first type of immunization vaccine and are usually compulsory inoculated by the state. If they are not vaccinated or missed, the child is admitted to the park. You may be rejected when you enter school. Therefore, it is recommended that parents go home to check if there are any omissions and promptly consult with the vaccinating agency at the time and make an appointment.

Of course, there are some second-class vaccines such as influenza vaccine, rotavirus vaccine, hand-foot-mouth vaccine, chickenpox vaccine, and pneumonia vaccine. Most of them are voluntary and voluntary at present.

A lot of parents have questions: Is the second-class vaccine not fight?

Actually, Class II vaccines are mostly important supplements or substitutes for a class of vaccines, which can give children more comprehensive protection. If there are conditions, parents are recommended to vaccinate their children.